Had a radical hysterectomy on the 24th of Jan and 6 weeks of chemo and radiatio, the last 2 weeks Iv had a few hot flushes and I'm aching all over, question is, is the aching normal for menopause? anyone else had this? Iv been aching for nearly 2 weeks every day like Iv been to the gym. have been to the doctor and she thinks it's the start of menopause but I'm worried it's something else. 

Hi,my wrists really ached after I had chemo and radiotherapy, my oncologist told me it was because I was going into menopause and prescribed me hrt (mostly to protect my bones) which stopped the aching. 

Hi, this is what I've had, although the aching was mostly around my hips, back and pelvis. I have been on HRT a month now and have noticed only minimal difference (I will go back to GP and see if we can try something else/increase). I have been doing yoga everyday and I really feel it helps!