my vain is worse. 3 biopsies on Wednesday. Letter from cons to GP says 'colposcopy was worrying and have taken biopsies to rule out microinvasive carcinoma' Roll on results day! 

Oh 365,

Sorry to hear this. Really crossing everything very tightly that you get a break here, you have been through so much already but are always here for everyone. Wishing you all the best and sending a big hug x x x

Hey 365 Days,

gutted to read this. Ever since I've joined here you'be been so helpful to me, and to others. Fingers crossed for you that it works out. I was treated for VAIN3 in July and am back next Thursday for a check up..... I sure hope its not come back, or worse. 

take care xx


I'm so sorry to here this for you I really hope it comes back ok sending virtual hug as the girls said above you have supported all of us x

Sorry to hear this, fingers crossed for you hun. I'm not on FB anymore as you've probably noticed. Keep us informed on your results. Love lea xxxx

Hi 365 days,

We met at this years Lets Meet and I got so much out of you sharing your story. Stay strong in the days to come. You have supported so many of us and made us laugh too. My thoughts are with you, and I am praying for a more positive result.

Hi Julia,

So sorry to read this. Sending you positive vibes and huge hugs

Hi 365

Sending you lots of good luck wishes, really hope your results come back ok.  As all the girls say above, you've been a brilliant help to us all so I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

Big hugs


Thanks everyone. Im fed up with it never being 'all clear bugger off' It was really just a moan and I'm glad I've got here to do it. I shall wait patiently (yeah right) and let you know oc course. Keep on keeping on girls 

(lea I thought you'd blocked me for too many flower photos! Hope yr well. Cancerversary time for you soon.x)

Sent you a pm xx

Hi rachel, glad you enjoyed it! I cant remember exactly who you are, there were a fair few people there..... (Im thinking maybe the lady first thing in the morning I was chatting to?) Hope you are well and thanks for your thoughts. x