Meh....pain in the ass!

Hi Ladies…hope you are well!!!
I pop on time to time and read how your all doing!! Lovely to see the good news!! Congrats to you all.

So, I’m 17 weeks post hysterectomy for 1a1 adenocarcenoma and all seems/ed to be going well. I started my new job as a district nurse which is exciting!

For those of you who have had hysterectomys did you experinace any pain in what I can only describe as a bruised feeling in your bum!?
I’m so anxious so this doesn’t help…I get pains and aches all over my body everyday is a new pain…head, groin, arm, hip and so on…it’s not a constant pain it comes and goes and will last for I dunno 5-10 seconds…I truly believe these are anxiety pains.
But I now feel like I have a bruised bum (inside) and sometimes I feel like my vagina wall is bruised!
I’ve been doing my pelvic floor muscles as I’m worried about prolapse…it doesn’t hurt to do this…it’s doesn’t hurt when I go to the loo…there is no bleeding!
Intercourse can be a little painful and it feels like my vault is bruised again no bleeding during or after.

It’s frustrating me as I’m scared stiff…
Thanks for reading…Michelle xxx

Hi Michelle Glad to hear you're a District nurse now. After my Abdo hyster I recovered completely. It's been 12 months now. I have pains everywhere mostly unexplained and I'm guessing tension and hidden anxiety has a lot to do with it. It all came with the chemo. Started yoga 3 weeks ago and as as graceful as a hippo but I think it's helping. Now that I'm free from disease I'm just mopping up the loose ends. Maybe that's what your bodies is doing after all that stress. 

Thanks for replying Jane!! 

Hope your well...I actually had an app. With the dr and nurse to have my impKant removed (seen as I have no womb now seemed silly to keep it in lol) I mentioned it to him...didn't seem worried and he's referred me for counselling as I sobbed about who paranoid I am about my body! I think it's a good thing really. 

Take it easy mate xxx