Meeting with consultant today....

** I just posted the same post in the cell changes thread as not sure where I should be so I'm sorry for you're reading this twice**

So today I had my consultant meeting after my story in my tag and thought wouid update. The cells were sent for further testing after the results of the last lletz and they found cells they didn't like. She basically said that some cells are precancerous, some are on the line and a "couple have turned". She asked if we had finished family which we have, my fiancé and I have 3 kiddies between us and I'm 39 in 2 months. 
As I had CGIN she said that if they repeated the procedure, they may have to "keep digging" and still not getting it all, she was great and drew diagrams for me to try and show me. So we could try another lletz or other procedures but if we weren't having more family she wouid recommend a hysterectomy as it will remove the small amount that is there and then it won't be hanging over me with and no frequent checks and worry of it coming back. So I have said we will do that. 
it'll be approx 4-6 weeks away and will have pre assessment etc.

My question is has anyone been here with the same story as what I have said she told me ie couple of cells etc? I kind of feel like Is it really cancer? She said she couldn't leave it and it needed addressed etc but I also think she kind of played it down as well so I was struggling to take it all in. My partner was with me and he said she definitely said there was cancer there but I didn't realise that I don't know why. I just thought she said it was turning into it.

If anyone has been where I am it wouid be good to know. 
Thanks in advance to everyone for their support and advice you may give xxx

Do whatever your consultant recommends then that will be the end of it and you won't have to worry anymore. I'm stage 3C and the treatment was not very nice, to far gone for a hysterectomy. Good luck ☺️

Hi Jodz thanks for your message.

Yes my thoughts too just doing what she recommends. 
I'm sorry to hear that, what is you have to get? 
sendjng love xxx