Meet up

Hi ladies are any of you planning to go to the meet up in Manchester? Anyone travelling form Birmingham?

I have been unable to attend the West Midlands support group as it is being held in Staffordshire!

It would be good to meet some of you who have been a constant source of support for me and many others

Louise xx


I was but unfortunately have had to cancel. I'm sure you will get a lot from it x

That's a shame x

Hi, I am going. I am travelling from Rugby by train.I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

Does that go via Brum?


Hi- No I don't think so- I got the tickets online a while ago! I arrive about 9 am and I am getting a train back about 6.30. 

I may have to go shopping! Looking forward to meeting people. 

I'll be there! 

great how will I know you both?