Medical Records

Hi ladies :), i'm considering asking for a copy of my medical records as i'm keen to access the information from the past couple of months. I just find i forget everything the doctors say when i leave my appointments so it would be handy to just have all the details in writing. The reason i'm posting is after a quick search i've found people who have said their medical records said not very nice things like the patient being neurotic and exaggurating things and what not. The last thing i want is to read someones negative interpretation of my personality as i'm quite an anxious person, i just want the medical stuff. I'm wondering if anyone else has done this and if so did they find it upsetting or helpful? Also do you request from GP or hospital? Never seen my medical records before so just a bit scared!

Hope someone can help :D



Hi JoJo

I've never really thiught about accesing my records - would be interesting i'm sure!

I don't know how to do this from personal experience but this may help xxx 

Hi Jojo,

You can ask to be copied into any letters about you, which I found helpful. It means that any correspondence between GPS, consultants, hospitals etc is also forwarded to you. My consultant asked me about it, but warned me that it can all sound a bit bleak, and rather blunt. It is helpful though, it's informative. It did get me googling a few of the words, but as an anxiety sufferer, it made me feel better to have it on paper.

So, it's not quite medical records, but it certainly helps me.



Thanks for the replies :) that's exactly what I'm after hani I didn't realise you could be copied in I'll definitely ask about that. Thank you! Xxx

Yeah, just ask someone, maybe whoever your contact at the hospital is. My gynaey consultant offered to do it as work were being a bit off at first. All you need to do is ask and easy as that!

Glad I could be of help =] 

Hey Hani i asked my nurse about getting access to the correspondence and looks like i have to fill out a form to formally apply to have access and i have to pay to recieve them, is this what you had to do?


I automatically get copes of the letters sent from my consultant, so I dont understand why she would say it will cost anything.  it costs to get access to your notes. 

Yeah looks like it costs for me to get a copy of the information that has already been sent to my GP (i only recieved a letter saying to go for an appointment i didn't get any info on my lletz results in writing) but i think i can request for them to copy me in to future correspondence from now on. Seeing my GP on tuesday anyway to get the next lot of my pill so she's gonna through it informally with me then :)