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Back to see another consultant next tuesday after a cry for help on the phone to his Secretary. I have suffered back ache since July, but more frequently and severely in the last 2 weeks. I haven't had any brown or bloody discharge for two weeks although i do feel as though the discharge in general no matter what colour or consistency, is not normal. After treatment in Sept for an erosion i was told that this was likely the cause of spottint between my last period in July. I didn't bleed after sex though and there wasn't heavy amounts of blood. Would something have been picked up at colposcopy when i had punch biopsies taken? They were clear. I don't have any infections as been tested for them. Feel like im going round in circles and that people are fed up with my behaviour as my colposcopy was clear yet 7 weeks on i am still in pain and symptomy. X

Hi Tan, I don't have lymphedema but did get some occasional pubic swelling in the 6 months after my op which I thought could be and may still be! Thankfully I've not seen it for some time now. As a result I have done a bit of research though. I have heard of people continuing to exercise but just being careful and listening to their body to know when they are overdoing it. Swimming, yoga and walking are great and you may also want to check out rebounding as it's supposed to help flush through the lymph system. Elevate your legs as often as possible through the day as well and moisturise every day, twice if you can. There is quite an inspiring athlete who overcame lymphadema, (learned to LIVE and thrive with it) you may want to check her out - good Deborah Cordner Carson.  Theres also a lady called Polly Noble who supposedly cured herself of lymphedema. Sadly she passed awat a couple of years ago but her blog and advice is stI'll there. 

I can't comment on whether ride the night is a good idea or not, but I do believe there is a certain amount of listening to your own body and knowing what the triggers are for your swelling. 

Wishing hou you all the best


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Thanks Nellie, i think your reply was meant for Kirsty66. X