MDT outcome during lockdown

Hello ladies

Does anyone have any experience of receiving their MDT outcome during lockdown? 
My entire CC 'journey' (hate that phrase but you know what I mean) has been since we went into lockdown and so I don't know how it usually works. My oncology specialist nurse is going to call me after it takes place, but how much info will they likely actually give? Will there be other appointments or face-to-face consultations before I know what the plan of attack is to get my body rid of this evil thing?

I know everyone and everywhere is different, but if anyone has any lockdown experiences they would be happy to share I'd be really grateful. 

Lou xx


I've been through the whole thing on lockdown too. 

On the day of the MDT meeting my CNS called me with some top line info and said, I had a telephone appointment with the consultant later that day at 1530hr. That telephone call was like a face to face appointment in that I had 1hr to discuss various aspects of my scans and diagnosis and treatment options. We then scheduled another telephone appointment for a week later. 

I have my pathology/post surgery follow up appointment this week after the MDT and again it's a scheduled time with a 1hr slot. 

I had no face to face appointment with my consultant or CNS, I had a face to face pre op assessment with an admissions nurse. But I first met my consultant on the day of the operation. He was in so much PPE that I could walk past him on the street and not recognise him, which is a bit funny. But it's amazing that theyve been able to do my whole "journey" despite lockdown and now here i am recovering at home with dissolvable stitches, emailing photos of the wound to my CNS! 

Not sure whether things work differently in other NHS trusts but this was the case for my central london teaching hospital.

All the best x

Thank you so much for sharing to it experience, it's helped me a lot. I have my MDT outcome tomorrow for the first time where they'll hopefully give me my staging and treatment plan. Utterly terrified. 

But as everyone here had been saying, with knowledge comes power and a little bit of control. 

Really hope you're healing well and continue to do so xx

Hi LS17 

Sending you massive hugs. I totally agree with the other ladies that this time is the hardest. When I was told this, I did not believe it would actually get easier once I had my staging and treatment plan, and you may have doubts  about whether you'll feel any better once you know too.

I can reassure you that, just as I had been told, i really did feel better once i knew my circumstances and what the plan was going to be. 

The day of my first MDT meeting I literally sat on the couch in silence for hours doing nothing except stare at my phone and wait. I was just frozen in one spot. My heart goes out to you for the wait you have over the next 20 to 24hr but it's amazing how when the clarity comes, you really will find the courage inside of you to accept it and deal with it. And we will all be here to stand beside you :-) 

Lots of love xXx