MDT meeting?

Can anyone tell me what an MDT meeting is and what it is for> (I know I could google, but every time I google anything it tells me the absolute worst! ) My LLETZ was the end of Sept and I never considered that I needed results from it as they had already given me the results from the biopsies. I have an appointment for Monday, the clinic just returned my call to say that it’s for follow up from the MDT meeting & giving me the LLETZ results.

MDT stands for Multi disciplinary Team meeting. It's normally held once a week and cases will be discussed wuth the whole team to deciede treatments. The team will include lots of different specialists. Nurses, doctors (Surgeons/Chemo/Radio) 

It is a chance for a 'second opinion' or a rubber stamping for a way forward. It may be that your case just needs a collective....'Job done, no further treatment' stamp so try not to worry!

Thank you, good to know what it stands for now! I do hope it is just a "rubber stamping" exercise, though it has worried me a bit. The doctor that did my LLETZ said I may need another in 6 months, but that would be decided at the follow up colposcopy.