MDT meeting

Hi all

It is now 7 weeks since colposcopy and treatment, I phoned 2 weeks laters as told results would be back, told on the phone that it appeared she had removed all the precancerous cells (my understanding is I had CGIN) anyway the doctor told me that the results would be discussed at an MDT meeting just to make sure I was receiving the right treatment which would be next month (June) how long do I wait before contacting them? I have has no written confirmation re follow ups or results or anything? Is this normal?



Hi Helen

The same thing happened to was quite a wait! I got a phonecall around 7 weeks after my colposcopy and was told it was CGIN and CIN3 - they were 99 per cent sure to have removed it but that it would go to MDT (because apparently now all CGIN cases go to MDT meetings). I had to wait for the next MDT meeting - which she was able to tell me was not going to be for another month. You could call the nurse/secretary and ask him/her when the next meeting is as they should contact you a week or so afterwards. In my case, the nurse rang me straight after the meeting and told me over the phone that all was fine. I got a letter a week later.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Louise, if I remember rightly, I am sure the doctor said the next meeting was a month later i.e this month. Will give it a week and see what happens. 

Thanks again