Mdt meeting?????

Hi ladies

sorry I haven't been on for ages, hope you're all well and gettread excited for Xmas!!  I myself have been a bit cocky, having been rushed through for a cone and 'top hat' biopsy I was a bit of a wreck but as I didn't get any results I thought I must be fine......I had my lletz 6 weeks ago today and still didn't have any results so scaled my consultants secretary who told me that my case was being referred to the mdt meeting and my future management plan would be decided??????


errrr why???? She wouldn't tell me, I'm trying to be logical but I'm scared. Has anyone else had this??? I I know I'm prob worrying about nothing, it's just the not knowing that terrifies me. 


Thanks for listening to me panic again lol, I find it quite tricky to post on here as I do it on the iPad and cant see what I'm writing lol x

Samantha xx



Lol my name isn't Samantha it's Amanda , stooped iPad!!

love Amanda xx


Hi Amanda

I know it sounds a bit alarming, but if things were really bad they would have got back to you before six weeks were up!

It just means that all the "cancer" docs get together to discuss your results and decide on the best treatment plan.  Sometimes, leaving things up to one person can be a bad idea and I suppose it's their way of covering their backs.  Can the secretary give you an idea of when the MDT will be meeting?  It might be best to send a letter, which she can then show to the consultant, as obviously they aren't allowed to say much over the phone.

Hope they don't make you wait until after Christmas.


Big Hugs

Aw thank you. Apparently they hold MDT meetings once a moth but the December one is cancelled. It may be reinstated tho. The secretary said my results came back on the 27th Nov and they had sent a letter explaining everything, I have waited for post and am gutted to see that there isn't one again. I'm feeling a bit floored and I don't know why. I know they expected CIN3 and and high grade CGIN and the word hysterectomy has been bandied around. I just want to know and understand what is happening. I hate not knowing. Feel so so morose today :( 

I know the waiting is really hard, to be honest it is the worst party. The MTD has everyone from pharmasysts to different consultants and nurse specilisits. It may be that one doctor thinks the margins are clear enough where another doctor thinks you should get further treatment. I’m in Scotland and I know the MDT meetings for my area are every Wednesday. If your case is discussed there once it goes back there everytime until your treatment is finished. I know quite a few girls who have had CIN III and there case has went to a MDT so try not to worry to much and see the positive that you have a team of experts deciding the way forward although I know that is little comfort. If you dont get your results in call your doctors office as they should have an electronic copy they could discuss with you. Will keep everything crossed for you x


thanks ladies, I got the letter and I think it's good news lol, basically said that they found the CIN3 but the smear showed abnormalities on my inner cervix but the biopsy says its on my outer cervix??? Says she needs to speak to a histopathologist and cytologist but she's sure the advice will be to come back for repeat smear in 6 months. There's is no MDT in December so it will e in Jan. does that sound good?? I have no idea lol xx