MDT meeting to discuss treatment

Hi all.

I called my loval womens health unit tofay as have been expecting an appointment to go for treatment as have beem told i have high grade/borderline cells. 

However when i rumg today i was informed that my notes are being taken to a MDT tomorrow and i will be contacted soon.

Im worried about this and just wonder does it only go to a MDT if its something more serious

Hmm it possibly be could uncertainty  what kind of treatment you should have or if they should wait and see, perhaps there was conflicting results

but no doesn't necesarily mean  serious, just that they're not sure which way to go with it. 

Mad if it's not stressful enough- these people are trying to give us heart attacks I swear! 


I had a LLETZ which showed CGIN and there was a MDT meeting about it. The results were that I needed another LLETZ. Apparently the MDT meeting is fairly common and is not an indication of something more serious.