MDT following MRI

I had a smear 5 yrs ago and was clear , they now check for HPV and my results from my recent smear October 2023 was cin 3 and HPV positive. I had an leitz procedure on February 6th. I rang for my results and was told that they thought there was something higher. I was sent for an MRI which I paid for privately to avoid any delay. I have tried to get reassurance or information from the colposcopy clinic to no avail. I tried to go and see the consultant lead privately but he does not see colposcopy patients privately his private secretary could clearly hear that. I was very upset and I told her that my MDT was not until the 4th of April. The consultant himself rang me but I was so taken aback by this, he said he had spoken to radiology. He wasn’t sure really what was on the MRI. Nothing really was jumping out. I think he said he did mention artifact but then he said that was probably my hip replacement which I have had done. He said he was going discuss to me an earlier MDT I’m through many phone calls. I’m trying to find out what was going on. I now know that this is next Thursday the 21st of March. I’m worth sick. I’m not sleeping. I’m not eating. I have no symptoms, no bleeding, no pain, no swelling. And and I’m wondering can you go from a completely clear smear? To cin3 and HPV in such a small space of time. I was told that I will be discussed at the MDT. It is an oncology MDT and a general MDT. They discuss every patient. But I am suspicious as a secretary. Was trying to allay my fears after mentioning oncology.
I have obviously had HPV for some time as they’re only checking for it since 2021 in smeares. Has anybody else been in the same position or any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I lost my own mother only a few months ago to you. To uterine cancer. Thanks!

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Hi Trish
Sorry for the loss of your mum, I can understand why this is a factor in how anxious and upset you are feeling

You said you had a smear 5 years ago. Were you on 5 year recall because of your age or because you are in Scotland?
It is possible to go from clear to CIN in 5 years. No one seems to know exactly why cells start to change even if you have had HPV for a long time

It could be that your immune system has fluctuated. Maybe the stress of losing your mum, maybe recovering from the hip replacement you mentioned. Maybe something else entirely that is out of your control (something inside your body)

It is confusing for you right now but it sounds like it is a good thing that the MRI did not pick up anything obvious

You are welcome to come back here and update or vent as you need. Hopefully other ladies will be along for support x

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Thank you for your message. I have not had the results of my MRI as yet. . My MDT has been brought forward now by 2 weeks after the consultant had a discussion with the radiologist, so there is obviously something that is worrying there. At least I don’t have to wait as long into April. Also scary. Wondering what the next stage will be. Thank you for your reply and good wishes

Can anyone help me , on my MRI following a leitz it said on the referral peri cervical disease with Endo cervical margins,??
I have MDT on Thurs , and have had to chase up to find out when it was .
No help from colposcopy clinic.
Only for seeing what was written on MRI referral I would be in the dark .
I would appreciate anyone helping and their honesty.
I have of course been on google :disappointed: