Mdm - confused?!

Hi everyone, wonder if you can help.

5 weeks ago I had a colposcopy and lletz treatment for suspected cin2 cells. Doctor said he was confident it had all been removed. On Friday I called to chase for the biopsy results and follow up letter. Nurse told me that my results were back and had been referred to Royal Marsden multidisciplinary meeting for review. 

has as anyone else had this or know why they would have been referred? Does this mean they have found something other than cin2 or that they didn't get it all? I was a bit surprised so didn't ask any of the right questions - she mentioned that because of my age (26) they have to be 100% sure and marsden is a specialist hospital will specialist equipment


im a bit cobused and worried. Can't find anything on here with anyone else with same situation.




Hi Sophie

Didnt want to read and run as understandably you are worried.

It is possible that they have found something that needs to be investigated, hence the referrall to the MDT.  At my colposcopy the consultant said he had 'got it all' but the biopsy showed something which turned out to be a tumour higher up the cervix.  Please don't think that this will be the same for you but they need to make absolutely sure before they confirm anything.

My friends niece had a similar case where this happened too and all it needed was a bit of treatment so try not to worry.




The thing about the mdt is its not necessarily bad news but they make a decision on treatment together. That includes a second lletz, possibly a cone biopsy right through all the treatments for cancer. It is possible they found cin3 or in situ from the lletz biopsy. I was the same as above and told worse case 1a1 with further lletz to be restaged twice now at 2b. There is no way to know unfortunately and it's so hard when you have it all running through your head. I'm sure they will get back to you as quickly as possible, in the mean time definitely don't googel it :) take care xx

Thank you for your replies! Love this site, it's an amazing help.


ive left a message for the nurse to call me back - I think if I have a realistic Idea of what the biopsy showed I can deal with the emotions better. Not knowing is the worst part. So did you have cin2 in your colposcopy? 



Hi Sophie,

I had something similar in that I had first LLETZ treatment, then about 4weeks later got a letter saying CGIN high grade & that it was being sent off for second opinion, which set me off worrying, so I know how you are feeling! I was told I needed to come back in 3months time to discuss the findings of the second opinion.

Since that I have been called back, after just two months, and today have been told they can't be certain it they got it all so I have just had a second LLETZ procedure which I'm keeping everything crossed has done the trick!

The not knowing is the toughest part, but please try not to worry & just think whatever they are doing will be to get you sorted! Big hugs!xx

I told at colposcopy he thought stage 1a1 would be my worse case scenario however adenocarcinoma which would be cgin can start further up in the cervix and so it was restaged xx

Hi ladies 


thanks for the reply. Well the mdt meeting was yestersay and I haven't heard anything yet. The waiting really is the worst part of all this - I've left another message to call me, I hope they do today... I just want to know what's what so I can put it behind me. I'm sure I'm getting on their nerves keep ringing :(