Maybe one of you can help me.

I hope I’m allowed to post here, I hope this is the right forum, the right website even to ask what I’m afraid to ask my mother, afraid to ask my doctors.

I’m 19 years old, will be 20 tomorrow. I’m on the pill. When I was 18 I started occasionally experiencing pain during sex. Not every time, only occasionally, but when it hurt it hurt badly. It hurt to the point Id cry and wouldn’t be able to move for a good 20 minutes. This continued occasionally and infrequently till about May of this year. I was having sex with my boyfriend and I experienced that pain again, this time much worse than before. Completely unbearable and I have quite the pain tolerance, so it really caught me off guard. My boyfriend took me to the hospital thinking it was my appendix. I got X-rays of my belly to concur the diagnosis, and the doctor came in telling me they were having a hard time finding my appendix. There was a mass they were seeing but were struggling to confirm that’s what it was. I then told him ‘it happened while I was having sex’ and then he 180’ed and said oh then it must be a cyst. I’d never had a cyst and really wasn’t sure what the rupture would feel like, but like everyone else I was too afraid to ask questions and just went with it. Thankfully it wasn’t my appendix, and felt better the day after.

Here I am now. The pain has continued infrequently. I occasionally get a crampy feeling in my lower back not associated with period pains. I also experienced random spotting after sex for the first time ever last week. My gyno did a CBC test and found nothing wrong. I went for a transvaginal ultrasound and thought I was safe when my ob didn’t call me back with results. I went into the office today and she told me she saw a nabothian cyst and it really wasn’t anything to worry about. She said it could definitely be the cause of all of the symptoms and I shouldn’t worry. She ended the session within 7 minutes telling me to make a follow up appointment with another psychician in the same clinic to talk about possibly removing the cyst.

Of course I left and immediately googled it. Google promptly told me there are typically no symptoms associated with these kinds of cysts, and bleeding is abnormal. I don’t really know what to do now. I just sort of have this gut feeling something is wrong. I’m very frightened and I just wanted to ask you ladies if I’m overreacting. I just want to prepare myself. I don’t want to be told not to worry, and then be caught off guard when I get bad news. Does the scenario and chain of events sound normal to you? Or problematic.

To end this; I hope no one is offended by me posting here. Reading through your stories is so inspiring even before a real diagnosis, and you all seem like such beautiful , understanding, kick ass women, who I really think could give me some great feedback.

Oh bless you! You have def came to the right place for support, this site is full of support and its like a big family :slight_smile:
You say you had a CBC test, sorry being a bit thick I’m not sure what that is? Is it a smear? If not I would def be pushing for a smear and make sure you get one.
I can’t really help I’m afraid with your problem but didnt want to read and run, but please do talk to your best friend so u have somebody to discuss it with and I hope you find the problem soon, there’s so many things it could be.
Big hug

Hi, definitely push for a smear, for peace of mind if anything. Have you been tested for any STI's? Just to rule it out. Bleeding can be down to lots of different things. My advice is to just keep pursuing it with the Drs. I had to keep going back for over a year before they took me seriously. Hopefully it's nothing, but just keep going back until you have a definitive answer With treatment and if you're still not right keep going back. 


Good luck, keep us updated xx