Maybe a silly question but got me wondering??

Hi ladies I’m just wondering can anybody answer me this…I have been told that my treatment will make me infertile ,what I’m wondering is will it be immediately…not had sex had yet but am afraid to until I know the answer to this …I had the coil fitted before all this started so obviously I’m not on any contraception now…sorry if I sound stupid :-/ xx

Hi Louise,

You don't say anything about what treatment you have received. I assume you probably have had chemo radiation? Do let us know. 

Hi Rachel. .yea sorry I had 25 radiotherapy 5 chemotherapy and 3 brachytherapy xx

Hi Louise 

unless you had your ovaries moved out of the radiation field it is almost certain you will not be fertile. I was told after my treatment that nothing is 100% so to be careful for the first 4-6 mths but it is most definite that if after that time has passed and no period that I was in complete menopause that it is no longer necessary to worry about any birth control. Not to mention the hot flashes I have if I do not remember to take my pills confirms this. 

Hope that helps. 

Hi lolli no i didn't have my ovaries moved..I will be careful for time bein then..I only finished treatment 4 weeks ago but haven't had a period. .don't know if I will have them ?? I don't really understand al thisl menopause stuff if I'm honest. .as for hot flushes I am havin them regular. .they are horrendous :-/ xx