Maths and the worry of colposcopy???

just a joke before I go!!


not only now do you have your anxiety of colposcopy but not remembering how to add up at the bottom of your posts! 


Love to all

marie xxx

Do pop back in from time to time. You are in a great position to support other ladies now Because you will know how they feel. (I love maths!)

I'm a newbie and finding the maths pretty good practice! Congrats on your good news spiros :) And please do visit sometime, you seem lovely!

So pleased you got a clear result from biopsy Spiros. 

Im getting my abacus out to help ;-) xx

That's really good news Marie. I do hope you check in now and then to support other women who may be facing such anxiety. Its so easy to let your mind run away with you and think the worst. I was the very same when I got my first colposcopy appointment.

I promise to pop back to check how all you are doing and hope you all get good news xxx

So pleased you got a clear result from biopsy Marie :)

I find the adding up at the end good practice! haha xxx