mast cell activation syndrome/allergic reactions to gels etc recommendations for hypo-allergenic paraben and glycerol free?

Hi there

I have highly sensitive allergic skin and reactions to all sorts as a result of having Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. MCAS. Whilst this is linked to having Ehlers Danlos, many people without EDS also have it. If you google MCAS and vulvodynia and/or dysparenunia lots comes up. I am on meds for this by one general medicine consultant but due to COVID my actual in patient admisison with other 2 specialities got cancelled. I had a colposcope and believe had a reaction to the stuff used, i have been taking montelukast and histamien blokers and note bit of improvement but wonder if am peri-menipausal so have ordered some tests of hormones before i will go see private gyn.

I wonder if anyone has been recommended lube that is hypo-allergenic and paraben and glyerol free at all?

I wonder if one can't have estrogen cream of sorts what the alternatives are? I can not have HRT due to heart issues but progesterone can also make me dislocate my joints more (EDS thing) so am kinda stuck in finding what can help with the dryness.


Anyone got any recommendations given to you pref by medical professional on products that are hypo allergic? 


Maybe this lube might be OK for you?  see following link:

The ingredients are listed in the link I've given.

The product was recommended to me by a urogynae nurse who herself gets thrush from lubes containing glycerine.  It's not the one I personally prefer as I find it a bit runny but then I'm OK with glycerine.