Massive weight gain

Hi I just had my first chemo treatment yesterday.I havent had much appetite lately and only put on 1lb when I went on holiday which is unlike me.
I decided to weigh myself this morning to see if I have lost a bit ( I’m very overweight) to my horror I have gained 7lb almost overnight.I nearly fell through the floor.Please tell me it’s just all the fluid from yesterday! Xx

You cannot put on 7lbs fat overnight, so it’s likely to be fluid, especially as you’re pumped full of it for chemo! If you’re really concerned about monitoring your weight, I suggest you get some electronic body-composition scales - Tanita are simple and reliable. You will see not only your weight but your body fat percentage, hydration, approximate muscle percentage, bone weight, how many calories you need just as a base rate (to exist daily), your visceral fat level and your metabolic age. I love them and to my mind they tell you something meaningful too. There are many brands, including cheap brands that will send all the info (and sometime more than you can possibly understand) to your phone - my son has one of these and he shows me all these graphs it produces :joy:

Anyway, the main thing is that you keep positive, try to eat well, and get through the treatment!

P.S. You’ll find when you start radiotherapy you can get quite dehydrated, and the scales can be useful if they tell you your hydration is low.

Which chemo drug are you on, by the way?

Thanks,I ll look at those.Ive gained another pound again.Im not sure whether to call them or not.Im having etoposide and cistaplin xx

I would try not to worry too much - weight gain is not in the list of side effects at all. You say you are overweight - a fluctuation of 7 or 8 lbs may not be significant if you are very heavy - but it depends what you mean by overweight :thinking:. Of course you can call them if you want to ask any questions - after all you’re having some strong drugs! Cisplatin is the usual drug for cervical cancer - I wonder why they are giving you etoposide as well - I can’t remember what your diagnosis is. It is the etoposide that will lead to hair loss or at least thinning. It might be worthwhile having it cut short if it’s long, in any case, and then it will not be so dramatic.

Ah - found it - I see you were diagnosed with adenosquamous - adenocarcinomas are more aggressive and faster growing than squamous cell alone, so I guess they’re really hitting it hard, which is a good thing! Keep us updated with your progress, we’re all rooting for you. It’s very early days yet but you’ll get into a routine with your treatment. X

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Yes I have the nastier one of the two.I was none stop peeing yesterday so I’m hoping that will help with the gain.Ive hardly eaten so it definitely isn’t fat.Thankyou xx