Massive discharge

Sorry guys TMI coming up... A large chunk of half moon sized something just came out of me (has LLETZ treatment 2 weeks ago) it was about 4cmx1cm red & black on one side, pale pink on the other. Was soft to touch and was pliable. My thoughts are it was flesh and I've had tiny bits of pink "stuff" coming out in the last week. The size of this concerned me. It smelt foul. But metallic. Any one had similar?!

These things are delightful arent they!? Could it have been a clot? Fairly normal to be shedding 'stuff', but keep an eye on it. Foul smell is often the sign of an infection. And if you're at all worried, contact your GP. Better safe than sorry.

hugs, Molly xx

Hey, what you've just described is the "scab" it has black on one side due to the silver nitrate they use to seal the site of the lletz to stop the bleeding. It's totally normal :) what I would say though is to now keep an eye on it as if you seem to have lost the whole scab in 1 go it now could be an "open wound" as such, u may notice more bleeding now. Like Mollz said keep an eye out for aby foul smell to it, as that could be a sign of infection. Your cervix will be forming a new Scab now but may take a few days at least, stay out of the bath to ensure it can heal well and obviously lower chances of infection. Good luck xxx

Thanks ladies! My definition of "normal" is continually changing! Was such a crazy thing, my poor fiance had to deal with me presenting it to him saying "WHAT IS THIS?!!" but it was a while back now and since then all seems to have calmed down.

I wish I could get back into the anything you can't have, I want it now! Some bubbles, wine, a good book & a warm bath in this weather....mmmmmm! 

Great to see both of you are needing no more treatment. I've got a follow up appointment with my GP (4 weeks after LLETZ) so am holding fingers crossed that I'll be joining you with that soon!