Massage therapy during menopause phase

massage during that phase is safe?

Hi trasey

It is absolutely ok to have massage therapy during cancer treatment. It helps move fluids and relax muscles. There are many massage therapist who specialize in cancer patients. Many clinics have lists of great therapist that can help. I still go to massage therapy post treatment and it helps tremendously. 

As long as the therapist is trained to work specifically with cancer patients then your mom will not be in any danger. I was told however to avoid any chiropractic manipulations that are in the pelvic region until about 1 year post treatment as it can cause small tears in the cells that have been affected by radiation but it is ok to have manipulations done on other areas that were not in the radiation field. 

My massage therapist is specialized in a technique called the vodder method that moves lymph fluid around which is very beneficial. I also enjoy the reiki method as it feels so relieving and relaxing. 

Hope your mom feels better soon.