Mass found

Hi all,

So I had my colposcopy yesterday where they found a mass in cervix and should get biopsy results end of next week as well as appointments for mri and ct.

Reading peoples stories on here is very inspirational but also scary as most people seem to be disgnosed post abnormal smear whereas my last smear was normal and this was discovered due to bleeding which started in pregnancy and has continued, little boy is now 10 weeks old.

I am scared that results will come back with advanced cancer due to physical mass, daily bleeding, back pain as well as pain in rectum and pelvis when going to toilet but I am still hopeful however hubby is in pieces as he keeps thinking the worst as we have a 3 year old as well as baby.

Anyone else been diagnosed in a similar way? xxx

Hi Rhea,

sorry that you find yourself in this position and so soon after giving birth too. Many congratulations by the way. Whatever they may or may not find as a result of the scans, it's really important that you and your hubbie remember that this is a very treatable disease, and I am sure that you will be no exception. The waiting and the not knowing is one of the hardest things in all of this. There are so many posts on this site which show that treatment is successful and that women get on with their lives and put it all behind them. Yes it is scary at the time, and this site is a wonderful support for us all. But please try not to fear the worst. Just take one day at a time and stick close to the site. Big hugs xx

Hi.  as Rachel says, don't fear the worst - from what I've read and experienced ,  the symptoms are the same whatever the stage. 

I was diagnosed a year ago today with stage 4a and my scan a fortnight ago shows no evidence of disease. 

Thanks Rachel snd Phileepa. Thos site really is great and everyone is so helpful and friendly. 

Phileepa thats amazing news,  gives me soooo much hope! xxx

Hi Rhea :-)

Like you my last smear was not abnormal but a year later a mass was found on my cervix which turned out to be stage 2b cervical cancer. My only symptom was abnormal bleeding. I have now been completely free of disease for five years two weeks and two days :-) And doesn't Philleepa just make you want to dance and clap! :-)

Be lucky :-)

Tivoli that is also great news! Every time I come on here a feel a little less terrified! 

Got my MRI on Fri 2nd and just got 2 missed calls from a private number so my heart is in my throat and I feel sick thinking it might be consultant as he said he would contact me to arrange seeing me again : o hate waiting! : ( xxx


as the ladies have mentioned this is a very treatable cancer and you will NOT be going anywhere soon. So hug that hubby and tell him you are not done with him just yet. 

I also would like to say that any visible sign of abnormal cells that can be seen with the naked eye are concidered a mass. 

 this point they do not even know if it is indeed cc. As they need pathology report to detirmine that. There are many cases where CIN 3 covers quite a bit of the cervix that can be seen with the naked eye. It all depends on how deep it is. 

try to take a deep breath it will be ok regardless of the outcome. We are all her for you. 

Thanks lolli888,

I know you are right I just cant help have that sinkibg feeling as I would have thought the mri and ct would be arranfed after biopsy confirms diagjosis but consultant ordered them whilst i was there as he is pretty certain its malignant although there is always a chance. : ) as you said whatever happens it will be ok xxx

Hi Ladies,

I was reading through this thread and wanted to say how brave and strong you all are! 

7 months ago I had an ectopic pregnancy and ended up having to use a methotrexate injection to abort it. My symptoms prior to this was pain on the right side of my pelvis and I had what I thought was a normal period bleed. Since having the methotrexate shot, the pain on the right side has continued and I have made numerous trips back and forth to the doctor for answers. Within the last 4 months I have also had irregular bleeds throughout the month and bleeding during and after sex (although this is not everytime - I can have it after everytime in one month and no bleeding in another) I was sent for a scan 5 months ago and was told that after the ectopic my body was returning back to normal and to give my body a little longer to recover. A month later the irregular bleeding started and bleeding after sex. I went to my GP who said if this was to happen again come back but it could just be my period starting. A week later I did have my period. A month later everything seemed to have calmed down. Only the occasional irregular bleed so didn't need to go back. The next month it started again. Irregular bleeds and bleeding after sex. I went back to my GPS who sent me for another ultrasound scan but said it's probably stemming from the ectopic I had earlier in the year. I attended the scan a couple of weeks ago and then went back to my GP for the results as well as I having black mucas discharge  (sorry for TMI). I kept a diary of the bleeds and pains etc and showed this again to the doctor (a different doctor each time I visited.) He said he was concerned about my symptoms especially has my mum passed away 6 months ago with ovarian cancer and my Nan is currently going through ovarian cancer and so he has urgently referred me to a gynocologist. My appointment is on Monday but I am so frightened. I have now started bleed extremely heavy with loads of blood clots. The GP said he doesn't think the pain is related to the bleed.

Did anyone else have bleeding after sex and was it everytime or inconsistently like mine? 

What can I expect from the my appointment on Monday?If I haven't stopped bleeding will I still be seen?

I really have had a terrible year and am praying for some good news. I am 30 almost 31 years old and have not had any children yet. Me and my husband are tryingbut I want this sorted out first.

Please can anyone help?

Many thanks

Em x

Hi Emmie :-)


Sounds like you've been having a really rotten time :-( Really sorry to hear about your mum and your nan. That must be tough on you :-(

Welcome to the forum and I hope that in your case it turns out you won't be needing us, but welcome anyway, the more the merrier :-) OK, so when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer my only symptom was post coital bleeding, it was absolutely every time we had sex no matter how sneaky and gentle we tried to be (no such thing as TMI on this site :-) ) And it was significant, not just a wipe's worth, though it wasn't big and clotty either.

Yes, if you haven't stopped bleeding you will still be seen. I cannot say for certain what will happen at your gynae appointment but I think we can take it as read that it will involve stirrups and a speculum.

Wishing you all the best for a quick resolution :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli,

Thank you so much for your reply. You have given me some peace of mind that even though I'm bleeding I will still be seen. If you don't mind me asking, how long did you have the post coital bleeding before you had a diagnosis? Does it have to be bleeding everytime for it to be a sign of CC or can it be like mine? My mind is whirling 100mph especially as I have already been through a horrific cancer journey this year with my mum. This is the worst time to happen to me because she's the one person I need hence why I have turned to the forum.

Em x

Hi Emmie :-)

I can only say what happened to me, I can't say that if the bleeding is intermittent it's categorically not CC. I had had the bleeding for several months before I took myself off to see a doctor but that has a lot to do with the fact that I live on a Greek island, the hospital is on the mainland and I had tourists to look after.

Hoping everything works out well for you.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Emmie85,

I am so sorry for what you have been through with your mum and gran, as well as the ectopic pregnancy. I cant imagine how hard that all must have been!

I cant really help with postcoital bleeding as I was pregnant when my bleeding started and stopped having sex once that started as too scared so never really had post coital bleeding just bleeding every day made worse with having bowels open and lots of other symptoms too but still waiting for biopsy results and scans to know if they are all connected.

Hope appointment goes well, as alreasy said you can definitely expect a speculum, maybe swabs and maybe internal exam with finger.


Hi Rhea,

Thank you for your reply. Did they take the biopsy during your examination? I hope you have some good news with your results. 

Em x

Yeah he took 3 there and then as he coud see and feel a mass xx