Mass found during cervical smear

I am absolutely terrified. I went to my doctor for a smear test today (my first one). The nurses attempted one a couple of weeks ago but couldn’t find my cervix and made me bleed in the process so the GP opted to do it instead.

She noticed a “mass” near or on my cervix (she couldn’t see where exactly it was) as there was apparently a lot of mucus and when she touched the “mass” it bled a lot. She couldn’t complete the smear test.

She has referred me for an urgent appointment to a gynaecologist. She prewarned me that the letter does say cancer but she said not to panic as all referrals like this are classed as urgent and are to rule out possible cancer.

But I’m panicking. I’m only 39 years. I feel extremely stressed and very very out of control. Like I want to be sorted out right now because I don’t know what on earth is happening. I have no bleeding in between periods. No pain. I’v always had heavy periods.

I don’t know what to do with myself. I have private medical insurance buty go says it wouldnt be any quicker.

Has anyone been through this?

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I’m 40 and going through ‘similar.’ I’ve also had CIN twice :frowning:
Specialist nurse said she thought mine is a cyst or more than likely a polyp, but referred me off on the two week cancer pathway because of my history of CIN. I’ve been waiting since January and I’ll be seen privately next Friday :anguished: as even though I’m considered ‘urgent’ it’s still over a years wait on the NHS. I’m very scared. I’ve been celibate for five years so no idea if I have bleeding after sex. Have had no symptoms or problems since last smear 3 years ago, which was clear but still convinced myself somethings been missed and it’s the C word!

I am so sorry for the delay in replying. I didn’t know anyone had responded. I’m so sorry you are going through this.
The hospital ended up ringing me and getting me in for an appointment the next day. It was very nerve wracking but the nurses etc were fantastic. I was told upon examination that they think I had a large cervical polyp. That they can come in all different shapes and sizes and that they are almost always benign. They removed it there and then. They have sent it off for testing just to confirm (standard procedure) but they assured me that they feel in no way worried or concerned that it’s anything cancerous.
I have had some light discharge since , some mild to moderate cramping and an achy burning sensation in my upper right leg (like it’s cricked) since. The leg pain is probably the worst. Not sure if I pulled something during the procedure or if it’s referred pain etc but it’s bothersome.
It will take a 2-4 weeks for the results but I don’t feel worried now.
I hope this puts your mind at rest. Although I know it’s hard when it’s all hanging over you. X

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No please don’t apologise, I appreciate people don’t come on here all the time, thank you for your reply. Good for me to know what to expect and it’s helped put my mind at ease a little! All the best :slight_smile:

Sorry one more question, did you have local anaesthetic for the polyp removal and also did it take long for them to remove it?

Just left the private clinic, the doctor was amazing. She removed the polyp with no local, I’m feeling very crampy right now but otherwise relieved it’s gone and over with :pray: hopefully the histology comes back benign now!

Aww well done.
I am glad it’s over with for you. I bet you are too!
I wasn’t given any pain relief. I admit I found it traumatic. I was vomiting because of the cramping and stretching. It wasn’t agony. It was the intensity of it that made me nauseous.
I am still bleeding on and off and my tummy is stingy and a bit crampy. It’s been almost 8 days since I had it done so don’t be surprised if you feel it for a while.
I was passing brownish grey flecks from the silver nitrate. Now it’s more like a heavy-ish period with little clusters of very small clots.
I don’t mean to gross you out. I just want to prepare you in case you panic xx

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Gosh being a woman is so fun isn’t it :frowning_with_open_mouth:
So sorry to hear you went through that!
Thank you so much for this, it’s good to be prepared! Xx

Haha yes it’s just great lol :woman_facepalming:t3:
You will probably be absolutely fine. It’s quite odd how it affected me. I think I got anxious too as it’s quite an out of control feeling having someone poking about down there. When the cramping and awful sensations started it just sent me nauseous. Then afterwards I got a panic attack and was crying, shaking, vomiting again, dizzy, couldn’t stand. I actually wet myself from vomiting that hard and that caused a big red patch on the bed so the gyn thought I was bleeding too heavily and was about to go back in again to fix it until she realised I had wet myself and it looked worse than it really was lol :woman_facepalming:t3: embarrassing haha

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I must admit the cramping sensation was horrible and I wasn’t expecting it to be so quick the way it came on :disappointed:
Oh my goodness what you went through is horrendous!!
I can totally empathise with feeling so out of control, it’s bloody awful. I found it really hard to stand up afterwards too and then staggered to the reception desk :joy:
I had to sit in my car with a cuppa for about an hour until I felt normal enough to drive myself home and my teenage son has had absolutely zero sympathy for me since I got home. Xx

You poor thing. You did so well going by yourself. I went alone too. Going by myself actually made me feel a bit more in control.
The nurses and gyn were absolutely fantastic tho. It took me about 20 mins to come out of the vomiting and panic attack in the treatment room. They hugged me and put a cold flannel on my head as let me sip ice cold water. Then when I was able to dress myself I was moved into a recovery room where I was able to lay and rest for as long as needed. They insisted I had a cup of coffee with biscuits. It took about another 25 mins but then I was fine.

Awww I’m so sorry your son doesn’t understand :pensive: you deserve some TLC. Sending you hugs. You have been so brave. I definitely think you have earned some chocolate at the very least! Xxx

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I totally agree about going alone as well!
Oh I’m so glad they were nice to you and let you recover like that!
My mum is here at the moment staying with us to help out so that’s good. Chocolate is definitely what the dr ordered at the moment :joy: xx

All benign thank the Lord :hushed: thanks again for your support x