Margins not mentioned

Hi, everybody.

I got my letter yesterday, 16 days post LLETZ.  I'm very relieved to say that it said I had CIN2 and that no further treatment is needed, just a follow up smear in 6 months.  The letter didn't mention whether the sample had clear margins.  Does the "no further treatment needed" imply that the margins were clear?  Do you think I should call and ask, or just be glad?  My husband thinks they would call me back for a repeat LLETZ if margins were not clear?

Thanks everybody.  May you all have CIN2 with clear margins! x

Mine didn't mention margins but said 'fully excised' I think yours definitely means the same! They wouldn't just leave it for 6 months, chill now and enjoy the good news! X

Thanks, Harri, that's my instinct too (just taking me a while to calm down after all the stress I guess!).  See you in February for clear smears all round x