many scary symptoms age 21

hi there, so about me, well im 21 years old, married and am currently experiencing some worrying symptoms. lets go back to

march 2013, i miscarried my first pregnancy at 14 weeks, after that i was told everything was fine and i could start

trying again, my periods were all over the place after this happened but kept trying and in august 2013 i found out i

was pregnant again :) but at eight weeks i lost another. after this my periods have never been the same! but over

the last six to eight months i have been experiencing alot of bleeding between periods, with no set date to when i

come on or off. I put this off as i work alot and was petrified something may be wrong and i didnt want to hear that.

anyway over the last three or four months i have been experiencing bleeding after sex (not all the time but about 60%

of the time) also i have alot of brown discharge. So two weeks ago i went to the doctors and explained my symptoms

and she said that she wanted to carry out a smear test there and then, so she did and whilst conducting this i started to bleed,

she said not to worry and that it would still work. a week later i recieved a phone call from her which seemed very confusing,

she said that it had come back that i had a common infection and she prescribed me 3 days of medication. i asked her was

that the reason for my bleeding and she answered with no i am going to refer you to a gyneacologist. I said ok and that

was that, a few days later i recieved a phone call from my doctors saying that they wanted me to attend a private hospital

the next week to see a gyneacologist but i couldnt do that week so it is now this tuesday. before she hung up the phone

she said to me although it was private i wouldnt pay for my surgery and hung up. After the phone call i thought about what

she had said and i got confused... why? what surgery am i having? I am now worrying about my gynaecology appointment

as i feel something is wrong.

what i am asking really is what should i epect for my appointment?

and could my symptoms be related to cervical cancer?


thank you ladies!

hannah x

Hi Hannah, you have been through an awful lot, I'm so sorry to hear about your mmiscarraiges.

She may have just meant your visit to the surgery, the way they call it a GP surgery. She really should not have used that word at all, but that's the only thing I can think of.

Bleeding after sex can be a symptom of cc, but it could also be other things. I hope you manage to keep yourself occupied today and get good results tomorrow. xxx

Hi lovely,

I didn't have all the symptoms you describe however I did/have got the brown discharge. My doctor saw my abnormality when she did my smear and I saw a gynaecologist a week later. Are you in the UK? I know sometimes if they can't meet the targets set then the NHS sometimes outsource to private hospitals. At most 1st gynae appointments they perform a colposcopy (essentially a smear but the colposcope magnifies things to help them see what's going on). Maybe this procedure is what your GP meant by 'surgery' but maybe you should give the surgery a call and get them to clarify what they meant.

Good luck tomorrow, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is nothing to worry about. 

Best wishes

Rachel x

thanks alot ladies it means alot that I can talk to people, yes I'm in the UK Rachel, I'm hoping its nothing but as things have been very weird for a while I'm pretty scared. My periods have been known to be on and off daily for over a month. I had sex last night and this morning work up bleeding which will be the 5th time in a row that this has happened. If there is something wrong will the gynaecologist be able to see tomorrow or will the only way of knowing to be the actual tests? Also what happens if something is wrong? How long do test results take to come back and how do they tell you? Sorry just really panicking x Thanks lovelies Hannah