Manchester Let's Meet - Cancelled

Dear All

Sadly, we’ve had very little interest in the Manchester Informal Let’s Meet so we need to just see if there are any more members that would like to take part in this before we cancel it.

Remember, it’s a great way to meet others who have been through similar experiences :smiley:

Shout now if you’re in the Manchester area and thinking to go and watch for any updates.

Kind regards

Dear All

Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, the Manchester Informal Let’s Meet has now been cancelled.

Thank you to Kathryn for organising this and hopefully we’ll get one going for after the Christmas period. :smiley:

Kind regards

Hi everyone

I just wanted to say if there was anyone in the Manchester area who still wanted to attend one of the informal meets, why not jump on a train and hop over the Pennines?! There is still a meet going on Leeds in November, and us Yorkshire girlies would be more than happy to see you!

We held an informal meet in Manchester and July and it was great, with girls coming from Halifax, Huddersfield, Manchester itself, Derby and even Jo from Abu Dhabi!

So it would be great to see anyone who still fancied meeting up for a good chat, lunch, and if the last one is anything to go by, plenty of wine!

Lots of love

Jo xx

Hi Jo,

if i will feel better - maybe i join you all in Leeds - it is not so far at least :slight_smile:
Don’t know how it will be cos i got invitation from Jenny to go to Cambridge what would be exciting too.
Let you know yet - in one week i go to Poland for holiday and will be in the first days of November in England again.

Gosia xxx

What a shame the Manchester meet has been cancelled - come on ladies we had an amazing time in July!!

Sorry i cant be home for this one. I am back in Feb so will arrange another one then and give you girls plenty of notice :+)

stay well everyone

Love Jo x x x x

Thanks Jo
Definitely looking forward to you being around in Feb :smiley:


it would be so wonderful to meet up with you in February - i hope there will be more girls then. And i don’t plan to go for holiday in this time :slight_smile:

Gosia xxx