Manchester get together - (shd have put this on social bit!)

hi there all manchester and north-west girls!

I saw Sarah at the hospital yesterday and we thought it would be good to try and get all us north west ladies together.

Any thoughts on dates you may be free and we can make some plans.



Hi Becks nice to hear from you hun… were you thinking of day or night got so much on now till christmas, but could manage a saturday or sunday daytime drinky poos.

Speak soon love kaz xx :wink:

Hi Becks
It will be nice for us all to get together.
Let me know about dates of when and where hun
Love joanne xxx

Hi Becks,

Thanks for taking the plunge and trying to get us all together again.
Would love to meet up.

This Sunday, 14th October would be ok for me or alternatively 11th November. I’m away in between. Maybe be ok for sometime 20th & 21st October, but the other dates are better for me.

Hope we can sort something out.



Hiya all 11th of nov ok for me too and 20th oct in the day… xx


I might be able to make 20 th October too.


This is looking good!

I can do the 20th October & 11th November too!

Elaine could you do the 11th or Chrissy would the 20th be o.k for you?

I’ll speak to Sarah and see how she is fixed.



Hi all,

Can do 20th october , 11th can also probably do although afternoon onwards/later in day better for this one…have friend up for weekend and may go up to Lakes although likely to be back by sun lunch for him to get train. (No Kaz, just a friend :wink: )

Looking forward to seeing everyone, will clear my debt with you then Chris too!

Sarah xx

Hi All,

I’m in Manchester on the 20th October and will be free about 2 p.m. onwards.


O.K - the 20th is looking good for all then!

Put it in your diaries - I’m free for the afternoon & evening if necessary so we could perhaps meet for lunch and then see where the afternoon takes us!

Is it easier to meet in the usual spot so that everyone knows where they are going? Alternatively, there are some nice places on Albert square - again fairly central - Slug & Lettuce are always reliable or Chez Gerrard if you want better food.


Eh Sarah i wasnt even thinking it!!! lol

Yeah 20th ok for me for a few hours going to a party in the evening but that wont stop me having a couple of cheeky glasses of water, sorry i mean wine.

Im not bothered where as long as i get directions,looking forward to seeing you all has anyone asked Gill??

I will pay my debts Chris too love to you all kaz xx :wink:

Just a ‘couple’ of glasses Kaz? You cutting down?? :wink:

Not been in touch with Gill I must admit, will send her a text, not sure how well she is at the moment.

Don’t mind where we meet. Shall we go for The Slug and Lettuce for a change? What time? 3? 4?

ST x

only because im going out in the evening haha… where is the slug n lettuce?? 3 sounds good to me are we eating xx :wink:

Shall we say 3 o’clock in the Slug & Lettuce on Albert Square.

They do some good sharing platters (snacky type things) for anyone who gets peckish!

Looking forward to seeing you then!



Hi becks
I have never been to one of your get togethers,would it be ok for me to come along
Joanne xxxx

Of course! The more the merrier…(very merry if Kaz has anything to do with it :lol: )

Do you know where the Slug & Lettuce is? I’ll pm my mobile number to you in case you want to get hold of me.



Its a good job i love you all isnt it??? a girl could get quite offended yeah as if…See you saturday girlies xxx :wink:

HI ladies… im so sorry i missed it today as usual left everything till last minute.

Known for ages about tonights fancy dress thought i knew exactualy what i was wearing, but tried it on this morning forgetting i had put on quite a few pounds since my hols etc… so spent all afternoon beggin borrowing and stealing.

I hope you enjoyed your afternoon i hope we can get together before xmas, chris can you e-mail your address so i can send you a cheque.

Love you all lots kaz xxxxx :cry: :cry: