Mancester/liverpool meet

Hi All, im gutted i cannot make twickers on saturday i hope you all have a wonderful day and the sun shines on you all…

Anyway while ive been sat here twindling my thumbs oh and running to the loo sorry :oops: i thought maybe it was time to arrange another meet in manchester or liverpool which ever is easiest…

I was thinking about the 7th or 14th of July because Jo will be home from Dubia then, let me know who is interested and i thought we could just do pub and lunch its easier to arrange and then anyone can just pop along if they want.

Gill if you are up for it mate then we can make it in liverpool, I will sort it out so dont worry on that score all we need is a nice pub that sells good grub.
Im off wine (i hear you all gasp)but im sure its only a temporary thing.

So ladies speak to you all soon let me know if them dates suit and we can get the ball rolling.Speak soon love kaz xx


Hey Kaz, how lovely are you!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is really bad but i know I cant make it on the 7th July as I have a big family get together and the 14th I may be away sorry :frowning: itsgreat coming home but everyone wants to see you!!! especially on a weekend.

I can [size=150]definatley[/size] meet up on Sat 30th?? June in either Liverpool or manchester, i realise this may be short notice as its only 2 weeks away. I dont expect everyone to fit around me so you organise yourselves.

thanks for being so thoughful Kaz

Love Jo*

Bloody hell your such a party animal!! i can do the 30th if we just go for a drink thats no problem dont have to organise anything…

i will wait to see if everyone else can make it then if thats ok with you, we can always have 2 ha ha :lol: :lol: would be a shame for you to come home and not get the chance to meet you.

And im not that thoughtful just need to get out never been stuck in side for so long going stir crazy ha ha.

speak later love kaz xx :wink:

As i say hun i will go with the flow, i really do want to meet up with you lot!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: not for a mad party!!! Ive had enough of them over the last few weeks in Abu Dhabi to last a life time - teacher who said they were quiet :wink:

I will do either Live or manchester and if everyone has a date I dont mind the pub or I will book somewhere for dinner - oub grub sounds perfect though

Get posting all you northeners!! (or anyone else from around the country who fancies a trip)

Love Jo*

hi girlies

i know im only new hear but you’ve all helped me so much already so would love to meet you all :smiley: i have my op on the 29th though :cry: so wont be well enough, and im away for my birthday on the 6th july :smiley:

if anyone near my neck of the woods fancies meeting in mid july then would be nice to meet you all :smiley:

Hey there,

Just catching up - have spent all week decorating the bathroom ceiling in time for some visiting friends at the weekend - first time I have sat down and now have nice cold beer can catch up with everything!

30th looks good to me - looking forward to meeting up with you. If you need me to do anything let me know.

Don’t worry kaz I’ll drink your wine for you!


Hi North-westies…

30th june no can do as am underwater in the Red Sea :slight_smile: . 7th july can do lunch time only as out in the evening at Gawsworth Hall to see an outdoor play with picnic (unless anyone fancies doing this…all welcome). 14th july ok for day or evening.
I think Chris is on holiday at the moment but will be back soon (? next weekend) and I’m sure would like to meet up too.

Be great to see everyone, gald you feeling well enough to meet up Kaz, sorry to hear you off wine :shock: !!

Sarah xx

Hi All,

Can’t make the 7th, but the other two dates are ok, so just let me know and I’ll be there. Sorry Kaz is off the wine - are there any more wine drinkers coming to keep me company?


Hi chrissy just replied to your message do you fancy doing the 30th of june with me jo and becks and the 14th with whoever can make it??

Nice to have you back hope the holiday was fun love kaz xx


Hi All,

Yes, I can make the 30th June.

Had a fab holiday, did alll the Disney stuff - second childhood - fab.

Will bring a few photos to our meet.


Thats fab, where shall we all meet? all bar one again or has anyone got anymore suggestions? Not heard form Gill so maybe we could go and see her on the 14th of July will speak to her and see…

sorry you cant make it sarah, but you will be having a fab time we will have a drink for you, and then hopefully see you on the 14th of July you party animal.

Im all ears on ideas love kaz xx :wink: