Making myself sick with worry!!!

Hi I am so sick with worry that I can't think of anything else but this Atm. I suffer with health anxiety so the results of my smear have sent my mind into despair... :-(

i had a normal smear last aug which was obv great- at the same time I had a coil fitted. I have had no problems but since June I started bleeding after sex so I had a ultrasound which was clear. I then paid for a private smear test and got the results which said borderline changes and hpv!!! I've now convinced myself ive got cervical cancer and it's far advanced!! I hope someone will be able to possibly reassure me and tell me wether cervical cancer could be picked up on A ultrasound if IT was advanced :-(...

i thank you for your replys xxxx

Hi Hayley,

i know it's easier said then done but please try not to worry. Borderline is the best adnormal you can get (there are a couple of ladies which have had cin 1 or 2 at colposcopy but it isn't common). If you would of had a boardline or low grade dyskaryosis (like myself) a few years ago on the nhs then you wouldn't even be sent for a colposcop- it's only since they've introduced the hpv testing that they do this. Boarderline means that theres only very few cell changes and lots of times can't even be seen when the consultant applies the acid. Even if they do see mild changes (cin 1) then they won't treat it as in the high majority of cases, it will clear itself. I really feel for what you're going through and can understand your worry especially if you have been bleeding. There's lots of reason why this could be happen but I think cervical cancer really isn't it (not  that I am in anyway a medical professional). 

good luck and I hope it all gets sorted for you really quickly. Xxx

Thank you for your lovely Reply it's made me feel a lot better. I just need to put things into perspective and stop imagining the worst..!! Hopefully I will get the colposcopy app soon so I can relax a little. Xxx 

Sometimes the fear of what if can throw us all off balance (I definitely had my moments).. Even now, it still hovers in the back of my mind but I've done a lot of reading (or should I say googling) about it and it soon made me realise that I had nothing to worry about and the chances of it being cancer is slim to none. The colposcopy it's self didn't reassure me much, it was only when I had the biopsy results that I could take a big sigh of relief (I hate to think whar I would of been like if it was cin 3 or if I wouldn't of found this website with all the lovely ladies & their wealth of knowledge & experience). Fingers crossed you get your appointment soon. Xxxx

Hayley, I completely understand the panic you're feeling right now. I also suffer from health anxiety, and it's really hard not to assume the worst and read into everything too much. I don't think I can say much to make you feel better about your situation, except that I am sending lots of hugs and best wishes your way. Oh, and don't Google! Stay on this site for info. It's awesome :-) xx

Bless you thank you! It's such a horrible thing to have isn't it! It literally makes yoy believe such a horrible stuff and regardless of reasurance my head still takes Me Back to that huge WHAT IF! because my result was only borderline I have to wait up to 8 weeks for the colposcopy :-/ I really need to pull myself together and try to deal with this properly. The fact I had a normal smear 10 months ago and borderline now should be rather reassuring I guess. I hope your ok and coping well. Thank you for replying i wish you luck :) xxxxx