Making a claim

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a medical negligence company please? I feel I’ve been neglected on many occasion and now I’ve been invited in to discuss the findings of my smear audit. Any help would be much appreciated!! I don’t want these mistakes to ever be made again. Thank you x

Hi @Sarah1471,

Where are you based?? I am actually going through a negligence claim for my cervical cancer as I was failed twice and my solicitor is great! But obviously he might not be of use to yourself!

Hiya, I’m in the midlands, how about you? Xx

I knew it would be a long shot… I’m in Northern Ireland.
Sorry to hear that your diagnosis may have come with negligence. It’s a tough pill to swallow as it in and to have that piled on too certainly doesn’t help.
Try any of the solicitors on this link…

If they think you have a claim, good luck! It’s a long process (I’m currently 18months in and only now have the evidence I need to start the case proceedings which can take another 2-3 years) but hopefully it will be worth it in the end :green_heart:

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Orchid im an NI girl too, ive been waiting to find out my how the audit of my smears went but nothing yet. I have suspicions, my smear history up until diagnosis was clear and then wallop a 4.5cm Adenocarcinoma found after being 999’d into hospital after collapse!

I’ve been called in for an appt to discuss the findings of my smear audit- I’ve waited 14 months. I knew something wasn’t right for years xx

I hope you get on okay, what kind of evidence did you need to gather if you don’t mind me asking? Xx

@Shammy716 Wow - sorry to hear that. Bet that was a shock!!

It took about 6 months for the audit to come through and they found that 2 of my smears in 2019 were reported incorrectly (had one in Jan 19 and it was reported as “inadequate” and was asked to return for repeat smear which was done in June 19. This was reported as negative but HPV pos). I went for repeat routine smear a year later due to HPV and then was diagnosed with 33mm tumor! No symptoms are anything and all my previous smears were neg!

The trust ended up submitting a SAI (serious adverse incident report) as they admitted breach of duty.

@Sarah1471 with medical negligence you have to prove a breach of duty and causation.

The SAI proved breach of duty so that was handy enough but as for causation i had to have all my smears reviewed by an independent specialist and then I had to have an independent gynae oncologist review the SAI, the independent specialist report and give their opinion on “causation” - proving that the delay in diagnosis caused my tumor to have significant growth to change the treatment plan (potentially a 9mm tumor only requiring a RH keeping ovaries instead of chemo rads, menopause and infertility

Sorry for the essay :face_with_peeking_eye: