Major freak out!

So today I had a nosey at a letter that was in my medical notes and spotted it said lvsi identified! Didn’t think anything of it at the time however I’m now having a panic attack as I’ve looked up what it means…basically from what I’ve read it means that I’m going to almost definitely have reoccurrence! Omg I’m so upset by this…panic has set in cause I’m going to be having chemorad and I know you can only have radiotherapy once so if my chances of reoccurance are high because of this lvsi they’ve identified how the hell would they treat it if it comes back…please can anyone help me out on this I’m so upset
Kay x

Hi Kay 

Sent you a pm. 

Hi Kay,

I belive lvsi means there is lymph node involvement?

I had lymph nodes from my pelvis to my abdomen light up like a Christmas tree and I'm currently 8 months out of treatment and all clear.

I apologize if my assumption is wrong and I've given you false information!