Made my decision

Hi all, new to this website, and been diagnosed with cervical cancer about 5 weeks ago. I have stage 1B I think it is, confined to the  cervix only. I had the option to have chemo & radiatin therapy or a radical hysterectomy. I chose surgery only this afternoon, god-willing a good decision for me! Was just wondering about other ladies that took this route, what to expect etc?? Thank you for any input.

decision well made!

i have read into the effects of radiotherapy as I have recently been offered this and they are not nice and can be permanent in some cases. Surgery is definitely the best for your stage of cancer as well because you can only have radiotherapy once so if there is anything left after the surgery, you can have this option in your arsenal.

i am 3 wks post op and doing ok. Been to GP today actually and he was pleased I have decided against radiotherapy as he thinks the effects outweigh what good it may do for me at the mo. Are you having the op keyhole? Obviously it is big surgery with many weeks of home recovery feeling tired and bit sore but, in my opinion, far better than daily radiotherapy... I know that for your stage of cancer this is what most, it not all, drs would recommend.

i have posted so much on this website as have so many people recently who have been through what you are about to go through so take a look, it can be so helpful! Ask questions when your not sure. feel free to ask me anything u like!! There's so many little things u won't know that you will find out on here, I know I did!

good luck

xxx dons

Hi there, I am one week post-op from a radical laparascopic hysterectomy. I spent 2 nights in hospital and was discharged with a catheter in. I can honestly say I feel pretty good, obviously a little tender but not taking any pain relief. My mobility is really good, just get very tired very quickly. The only problem I've had is constipation, which has been very painful. I had my catheter out yesterday though and that is helping things :) if I can be of anymore help please ask away 

J xx

Thank you so much for your reply, I don't know if it's keyhole surgery or the incision on the bikini line, I suspect the last one. I'm in Ireland, think most are done that way here. You are 3 weks post op,  do you need radiotherapy or don't you know yet? Hope your recovery is as easy as can be! Could you tell me the really bad bits to expect please, I was dead set against surgery till I read more about radiotherapy. What about needing radiotherapy after surgery, the specialist explained that the bowel can be badly damaged? Thank you, and all the best with your recovery.

Hi could you tell me what a radical laparascopic hysterectomy is? You were only in for short while, are you managing at home?  Thank you for your reply.

Yes, it's keyhole surgery and they basically did the hysterectomy but left my ovaries due to my age, took the lymph nodes to check there is no involvement and the top part of my vagina was removed. I'm stage 1b1, so it's standard treatment for that staging. Just waiting only results now to see if any further treatment is required. My mum has moved in to look after me as I have a 2.5 yr old and hubby works abroad, but doing really well. Not really left the house yet other than for a hospital appointment, bit achey and just being careful not to lift things so spending lots of time with my feet up to help my body heal!! I didn't expect to feel so well so soon, people who have come to visit are amazed that I had major surgery last week.

Wow that is so positive, I also have a 2.7 month old, plus another 10 yr old & a 6 yr old! God-willng you won't need any further treatment!



it's not as bad as I thought it would be!!! The pain levels weren't as bad as I expected and they get you out of hospital if u have keyhole After 2-3 days.

i went in day before op as live 2hrs from hospital. The next morning it was socks on, gown on, nail varnish and jewellery off, then a trip on the bed to the surgery area with a lovely porter. Whilst waiting in the reception area, everyone was so lovely and kind, explaining it all to me then it was prep time in a very small room with anaesthesiologists and nurse and another bloke who all were chatting to me as put in canula and the injection in my back, which wasn't as bad as I expected as froze my back. Then as chatting and looking at clock that was the last thing I remember! 

5hrs later I open my eyes really sleepily and look up at a smiling nurse! Not in pain, just achy and sleepy. Next few dats were the same, achy and sleepy due to all the drugs they give you!! I was very light headed too as couldn't get my blood pressure above 60ish over 50 due to morphine. 

the afternoon after op, a nurse helped me out of bed and to have a wash which was fine, just tiring. That evening, I sat watching a film on iPad with hubbie in the chair. 

The next day when got out of bed though, I passed out spectacularly!! Lol! Just so tired and low blood pressure. Not too much pain though, just sore.

then I was out the next day and walking about the house steadily, even up the stairs to bed. You just move slowly.

so it is not as bad as you think will be! Just need to realise that will take weeks to heal and months to heal properly, most probably over a year I've been told. 

The biggest problems I've had is being very unfocused which frustrates me as I struggle to focus on a book or even watching a film; tiredness after doing the simplest of things and feeling low as I have so much time to think about everything. 

yesterday I enrolled in a sophrology class to help me with focusing and positive thinking (have a look online for it) and am hoping to start a Pilates/yoga class in a few weeks time when not so sore. I have to have things planned! I'm taking green tea tablets and probiotics which seem to have sorted out all my digestion/consyipation problems and the will get all that back in shape, as well as the green tea being good anticancer food (I'm reading a fab book called Anticancer, a new way of life by dr david servan-schreiber at mo).

well there you go, a lot of waffle!! I hope some of it helps!

don xxx

 Also (I've mentioned following in past posts):

catheter isn't as bad as you think it will be! Doesn't hurt, can't feel it when in, is just strange! But I liked not having to get out of bed to go to loo lol! Doesn't hurt when taken out either

you will come home with a big bag of drugs!!! The codeine will keep you constipated... So i only took it at night. Also, you will have daily little injections to give yourself for a moth to stop anti clotting

before you go into hospital, take some lactolose to empty yourself... Unless hospital tell you to take something else. You really don't want to feel constipated in hospital- it will be bad enough when u get home!

the gas you will suffer is INCREDIBLE if u have keyhole... But it passes after a week (but painful, more painful than anything else to do with whole op!!;-))


Hi Don

Thank you so very much for all of that, it helps more than I could say!! You sound so practical & brave, may you go from strength to strength. The thing you said about not being able to focus, spot on!! Never posted here before today, just had a quick browse & everything used to get hazy-think I was meant to come on here today! Think I'm at peae with my decision. Thank you.


*peace sorry