macmillan world's biggest coffee morning

I am having a macmillan wine evening (instead of coffee morning) on 28th Sept at my home. Hopefully this should raise a few pounds for the charity but also I will have a great evening with friends! Anyone interested in having one also, should go onto the Macmillan website for more details.
If you live near to me, in Staines, is more than welcome to come along with a friend and have a giggle. Just p.m. me if you fancy it.
Michele x
(Sorry not raising money for Jo’s this time, hope you dont mind me posting this!!)

I am having a coffee morning too, however the wine evening sounds more like my thing, shame I am not up to drinking alcohol yet!

Just a quick mail to encourage others :smiley:
I raised £110 for macmillan on my wine evening but also had a fab night with loads of my freinds. They apparently haven’t had such a great evening for ages. Mind you didn’t get to bed until 3am and I think dancing to Madness was maybe too much for the neighbours at that hour!!
Why doesn’t someone have one to raise money for Jo’s?!
Michele xx