Lymphovascular invasion

Hi! I am writing to ask for help in interpreting my cone biopsy results. My results came back as early stage adenocarcinoma (<1mm invasive in multiple spots) with clear margins (which is good!) but I also had lymphovascular invasion (LVI or LVSI). Has anyone else had this combination of results? If so, are you able to shed some light on what it might mean? Any thoughts appreciated!


I was diagnosed stage 1 in October last year and had a hysterectomy in November. When I had my follow up in December they found LVSI in what they removed. Because of this they said they were 90% sure they had got rid of the disease but offered me chemo and radiotherapy if I wanted it to reduce my chances of reoccurance. There were lots of pros and cons to consider but I went for the extra treatment! 

Basically the LVSI meant it had started to try and spread, even like you I had clear margins. 

I had surgery initially as we thought this would lead to a cure without the chemorads, but the LVSI lead me to further treatment. Hope this helps! 

Good Luck :-)

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Thanks so much for your reply! That’s what I was thinking but hadn’t seen anyone else on here in that exact situation and still have a few days until I talk to my doctor. I hope you’re doing well now!!

You’re welcome :-)

I‘d never heard of LVSI when they told me about it so did lots of research! There’s not many people on here that mention it so like to share my experience to help out :-) 

Usually if they know LVSI is present they will say chemorads is the best way to go rather than surgery as it will zap it all in one go!

I’m doing well thank you! Halfway through chemorads now and thankfully having no side effects, I’m very lucky! 

Hope all goes well with you :-)

I was diagnosed in early Feb this year with IB1 after cone biopsy that wasn't able to get clear margins. That biopsy indicated lymphovascular invasion. Had radical hysterectomy with removal of left ovary on 21 March.

Before the surgery, my doctor said he didn't anticipate the need for chem/rad. Yesterday, had my follow up with him and he recommended it based on a number of factors, including the LVSI, narrow margin (1 mm) and location of the tumor (posterior - close to colon).

I really didn't want to have to go through this treatment and lose my ovary, but he said it is the highest chance of long term survival. Based on my research, I was already skeptical about him not wanting to pursue the adjuvant therapies.

Sponge: glad to hear the treatment isn't horrible and that you are doing well with it. Wishing you continued success!

Hello, we have similar results and wanted to know if you had any updates! I've just had a cone biopsy and I meet with a GYN oncologist in two weeks.

LVSI has been the factor most scariest for me.  The pathology report from my hysterectomy indicated that I had LVSI.  I had the surgery because they believed I had a fibroid or lots of scar tissue.  How everything went down will be for another post sometime.  When I met my oncologist, he decided I did not need any lymph node testing because having LVSI he was sure it had already spread to my lymph nodes based on the 6cm primary tumour that was removed (all in pieces)  And he was right.   I had 3 nodes positive including a 3.5 cm tumor on a common iliac node. (Retroperitoneum) So my understanding is that LVSI is NOT good.  Good Luck my fellow warriors!



2000:  Had HPV.  No idea which one and can’t locate records.  Had a LEEP procedure.  Every year since then, all Pap smears were normal.  

2016: Pap Smear was normal and HPV Test was negative.

10/2017: Annual check up was fine according to doc.

Had 2 sonograms between January and March and nothing was found.  Left side was blocked and scar tissue was the proposed problem.  Pain was getting worse everyday.  

04/12: Insurance required a Pap Smear since 2016 wasn’t current enough.  Pap Smear came back abnormal and HPV Negative.  Doc still moved forward with surgery.

4/19/2018:                         Simple Hysterectomy      Diagnosed with ICC 1b2 due to HPV 16. 

5/2018:                         Diagnosed with Advanced Metastatic Stage 3 after PET Scan and MRI.

5/23/18 - 06/27/18:                  25 High dose external beam radiation w/ weekly cisplatin

07/18:                                      3 Brachytherapy

09/18:                                    PET Scan showed all Lymph nodes had been resolved and the mass in the vaginal cuff had mildly improved. The MRI showed the necrotic mass in the pelvic sidewall has shrunk.  

10/18:                                 Started 6 rounds of Chemo. Taxol/Carboplatin/Avastin with Neulasta OnPro.

Tomorrow is my last scheduled treatment!! 1/28/19!!  

Feb 6th:                                  Pet Scan

Feb 7th:                                   MY BIG DAY!!  Results!!