Hi, I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 cervical last November after a routine smear found abnormal high grade severe cells. I’ve since had 2 cone biopsies and was advised in Jan this year that the cancerous cells were gone. Since then, I’ve been called back in as they were looking at my biopsy again and decided the cancer had gone deeper than expected so stage 1a2. A further MRI has shown no problems in cervix but an enlarged lymph node. Today I’ve been booked in for a Lymphadenectomy and I’m really worried. From going to feeling ok to now this I just feel like the cancer has now spread and I’m so scared. What are other people’s experiences? I’ve been told if it has spread, I’m facing chemo and radiotherapy.


there are many reasons why a lymphnode could be inflamed, but they have to make sure. I believe that the standard protocol for 1a2 is to do this procedure. If pathology does indeed come back with micro invasion to the lymphnodes then you will most likely be offered chemorad. 

The treatment is not as bad as you are thinking it will be if that's what you are facing. It's not like the movies or what you expect. Overall it is manageable and most people can get through treatment just fine. The most common side effect is diarrhea which doesn't kick in until half way through treatment.

all the best.