Lymphadenectomy tomorrow! Very nervous!

Hello everyone, tomorrow I go for my lymphadenectomy and I’m very nervous. I am very lucky that my cancer has been removed with clear margins from 1x LLETZ and 1x Cone Biopsy so I have been advised that this is to “prevent recurrence.”

I have speaking to a lovely lady who has given me some helpful advice for tomorrow but does anyone have any other stories or what to take into hospital? I am feeling very very anxious and scared. Also, has anyone had lymph node involvement for stage 1a2 before? I know I should have a positive outlook but I always try prepare for the worst (toxic trait lol).

Thank you in advance and to the lovely lady who has already private messaged me with advice xx

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Hi Jodie,

How did it go? xx

Hey Sam, so nice to hear from you! It went ok thank you! I ended up being in hospital for 2 nights though as my bladder struggled to work properly after the catheter.

I’m just resting up now. Still in quite a bit of pain with a lot of swelling. The pain feels mostly bruising so I’m sure it will die down soon. I get my results on the 11th of August and already feeling very impatient about it.

How are you getting on? Xx

It’s good that that bit is over, step by step I say. You can tick that off your list! The waiting is just as hard as the treatment isn’t it. You are very lucky you caught it so early, I am envious!
I’ve got a nephrostomy tomorrow, I think they might be putting a stent in at the same time as my cancer is strangling the ureter. Big shock that I had to have this at first but I’m ok with it now and call it my ‘frosty bag.’

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Oh Sam! What a trooper you are. I’ve never heard of that procedure before! I am very lucky I caught it early and very grateful for that.

After this procedure tomorrow what is your next plan of action? Sending you lots and love and prayers xxxx

Thanks Jodie,

I’ve got 5 weeks of radiation and chemo, then brachytherapy x 2 sessions. Also lymphoedema clinic, dietician appointment and blood transfusions. Yippee! :joy:

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I hope you got on ok Sam! I’ve been thinking of you. Xx

Thanks Jodie,

The op was no problem at all, I had a lovely sleep, the team were incredible, so kind and comforting. No pain whatsoever until this morning when it really kicked in that there’s something in my bladder. Painkillers doing a great job for me right now!!