Lymph nodes

Lay in bed awake (must be the steroids - I’ll regret this later) and my mind turns to lymph nodes. I have never had a pet scan nor has anyone mentioned lymph nodes to me although the Dr did say mumble mumble pelvis. I’m presuming 4a will have lymph nodes involvement.
Does the chemoradiation kill them off.
Carmel, if you are reading, I’ve read a post where it says only one of your lymph nodes was affected. That sounds great X well …

Hi Philleepa,

I would imagine that if you are a 4 then that must include lymph nodes. Yes, chemoradiation kills cancer throughout your body.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you as always z 

So it doesn't just kill it in the targeted area?

Hi honey,

I had lymph node involvement,and the radiotherapy

kills the cancer in the lymph nodes(targeted) and the

chemo kills it anywhere else in the body.

I wonder why you didn't have a PET scan?

Maybe ask to put your mind at rest.

Maybe they got all the info they needed

without doing one.

Everywhere is so different.Sometimes the

more we get to know about different scans etc,

the more we worry.

All the best

Becky x


I expect they got the info they needed from the mri. Hopefully the chemo will kill any cancer that's not being targeted by radiotherapy.  Maybe that's why the stage 4 stats are lower?  It may have already spread into other lymph nodes in other areas? 

I dunno. Just focus on today I need to stop over thinking thongs x 

Thanks again ladies



I'm guessing the radiologist will also hit you up with HDR in the para aortic region even though if there were non-seen in the mri or ct scan due to your stage just to be on the safe side. I think its called extended field radio something something(sorry i forgot). I read it in my wife's radio journal.


hope it helps!



Hey hunni, I've only just come on here.

with lymph node involvement i don't think it grades you to advanced, don't forget mine was so large they could see past the tumour and it had spread to my kidney tubes also. I'm not 100% what they use to grade but i think some ladies have had lymph node involvement but they've had a lower grade. Please don't worry! 

Dont forget my cancer has shrunk and fingers crossed I've beaten it! I feel like all of last year didn't happen all my friends and family have commented that I'm like the old me again and I'm tough as old boots :-)

the chemo kills everything in your body which is why it makes you so poorly! It kills all your white blood cells off too which I believe feed the cancer (I'm assuming this btw - it does kill the cells). Every time I've had a scan they've never again mentioned my lymph node or kidney tube so to me the cancer in these has been killed and the cancer in my cervic is also being killed.

a pet scan is like an Mri scan if you've ever had one? Except no noises, or if you haven't it's like a ct scan as they do a ct scan 1st where you put your arms above your head then they do the pet scan where your arms are at your side and you have to stay still. The only difference is you need to allow yourself 2 hours for the scan as you get weighed and your height done and asked some questions then you have a cannula put in and your put in a room, a nurse injects you with radiation and you wait an hour for  to go around your body then you have the scan.

dont wear any metal or anything with metal as you keep your clothes on, I find leggings and a top as I am comfy then.

you also can't go around children or pregnant women for a couple of hours after and need to be hydrated before the scan.

sorry to go on....oh when they call you to book the appointment they ask loads of questions.

try not to worry and remember no matter what's to come you will beat this xx

Thanks carmel. I've had an mri but nothing else.  I've got another one on Friday.  

At the the end of the day they say I'm curable so nothing else  matters to me now. I just need the faith in that to stay x

I'm so glad you're finding yourself back to normal again x 

So pleased 

I'm glad you've been told you will beat this just remind yourself of this when the nasty thoughts come xx

I'm trying so hard to convince myself. Especially on lovely days like today X 

Bless you, ive had a bit of a knock back as my back has been really sore over the last few weeks so been the doctors tonight got some painkillers and they're sending my for an X-ray to see if its muscle or bone.

the joys! Other than that im fine :-) 3rd week back at work and I honestly hand on heart feel ine last year did not happen xx use my positives as inspiration if you want....always here for you xx

I do carmel, I really do x 

Hope your back is sorted quickly. 

Perhaps it's something to do with being back at work? Mine used to hurt from the chair in my office x