Lymph nodes

Hi I'm Layla. Im 25 and was diagnosed with cervical cancer on Monday. I have my MRI on wed and I'm being operated on on 16th dec. I have stage 1b and I'm having surgery to remove cervix and lymph nodes. just wondering how many other of you ladies who have had similar treatment with lymph nodes removed and if you experienced and side effects such as swelling. Thanks xx

Hello Layla. I had lymph nodes removed during  my surgery a year ago and I didn't have too much swelling.  However, because the lymph nodes are gone, there remains a bit of puffiness in my pubic area.  I don't like it but I can live with it.  Everybody is different, you may not have very much swelling, it's hard to tell, but you should probably expect that there will be.  It may flare up just following surgery but then settle down in time.  Don't be concerned - it isn't hideous or anything!!  Good luck for  the 16th. xx

Thanks that's good to know. cant wait to get the MRI out of the way now and get my op over and done with. Trying to keep positive xx


I was same stage and op as you. I was swollen around pubic area for few weeks after op which sort of comes and goes now. I had all the warnings and advice in hospital about Lymphedema  but have been ok so far (touch wood!). If can affect a small amount of people, just have to follow the advice and hope for the best. Good luck with your op! You will feel so much better after it, a big step forward. xxx dons

Thank you so much. Can't wait to get everything over and done with and fingers crossed be cancer free before Christmas xx

Hi Layla had my surgey last Wednesday, was also stage 1B. Having slight puffiness on my left side of my private as that's the lymph nodes they removed! All the best for you, sty positive & keep busy till your surgery starts! xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Layla. Im same age as you, same stage too and having the same thing done on 19th!
Let me know how you get on. and good luck!

Hi layla, I had TLRH with node removal, slight swelling in the groin and public area other than that I’ve been ok…good luck with the op xx

Iv had my op! All went well however iv still got catheter in til Monday. Can't wait for it to be out! I do have quite a lot of swelling in pubic and groin area. It is making me quite upset to look at it. how long will it take to go down? Xxx

Hi…glad the op went ok…im 4 weeks post op and the swelling is setting down. I am having to ISC everynow and then ad my bladder function is not quite there. Hope it settles down for you snd you recover well, it does take time. Xx

Hi I had stage 1B and had the same op Jan 2012. I still to this day suffer with swelling, to my partner he says it's not noticeable but to me it is. It's not bad swelling but im not how I use to be. Mostly on my left side of pubic area and also on the inside top area of legs. I notice its swells more if I've been on the go allot and also after exercise. im still very numb in the same area and dr has told me he has never heard of that before? Can anyone else relate to the same problem? 

Hey monty, I can relate to that. My swelling is in my groin and pubic area on the right side..also its numb, well a funny sensation surgeon says its normal after the surgery I've had ..all the best lea x