Lymph nodes involvement


Diagnosed squamous cell carcenoma...

Did hysterectomy

Now one lymph node found involved.. will be starting chemorad from next Sunday.

What are the risk factors of lymph involvement?? M freaking out due to involvement of lymph node if it may lead to any metastatic cells later...


7/18 diagnosed squamous cell from cervical biopsy

8/18 hysterectomy.. now found lymph node involvement

Hi Samridie :-)

Chemorads is really a pretty effective treatment. I guess that the radiation will be focused mostly on your affected lymph node and the chemo will flush out the rest of your body. Yes it's true that lymph node involvement carries a higher risk than non-involvement, but that does not mean you are doomed, very far from it!

Be lucky :-)

Hi Samridie,

I remember having the same type of freak out. I had a number of lymph nodes involved and thought I was doomed for sure.

Here I am 2 years later and living it up! The chemorads can be very effective!

Hello Samridie,

I too had chemo rads following lymph node involvement of several nodes. I am nearly 4 years along the road, so there is every reason to be positive about your future. Hope the next steps go well for you.

Thank you all the lovely ones Smile . I started rt two days back.. will hv my first chemo tomrw.. 

M positive and much relaxed now

Hope all goes well


I had 5 lymph nodes iinvolved -21 years ago!

I hope that helps :)

Karen x 

I too am 1b1 with 2 positive nodes found after RH.

i start chemo and radiation on Wednesday.

i have been so worried about the nodes being involved thinking that after I have treatment it will already be somewhere else.

all you ladies have given me such hope.