Lymph node sampling??

Hi Everyone!


I have been diagnosed with stage 1A2.


My surgeon has said i need a radical trachelectomy in order to preserve my fertility as i am only 25.


My question is regarding the lymph nodes. Up until now there is no sign of lymph involvement and i was told sampling would be the best way to go so they dont get removed. However my surgeon has said he doesnt do that and he will remove them.

Does anyone know if sampling is an option? Have you had this done?





Hi Martine,

Sorry to hear this, i myself am also only 25 and got diagnosed stage 1B2 and was told i was having a trachelectomy, i have had a loop and cone biopsy so far and now they have changed their mind and said theres not much cananl left anymore so on thursday i am going in to have keyhole lymph node removal, as far as i know sampling is not available and they will be removing them. up untill now theres been no involvement with the lymphnodes and the doctor said they are removing them to test them. i hope this helps in some way. you can always ring your key nurse and ask any questions mines been great through all this.


All the best

K x

Hi Martine,

To the best of my knowledge lymph nodes are removed for testing. I had 17 removed and tested and they all came back clear. This was great news but it did make me wonder why they took so many. Just to be on the safe side I suppose. I don't imagine they will take that many from you, though they might. Either way, no real long term side effects so nothing to worry about.

Be lucky