Lymph Node Removal

Has anyone had their pelvic lymph nodes removed by keyhole surgery (but not at the same time as other surgery such as a hysterectomy)?
I’m having mine removed on 06/02 and the doctor and nurse advised having 6 weeks off work (but if not 6 then a minimum of 2) and I just wanted to ask how long other people have taken off work after this op?
I just do admin so I’m sat at a desk all day.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Jennyyy, I was staged at 1b1 and had 34 lymph nodes removed (they were clear yay) and radical hysterectomy on the 25/11 so just 5 weeks ago and feel like an old lady. I am fortunate that I dont work but don't think I'd be ready if I was. This magic 6 weeks doesn't seem to be the back to normal time for me. i think it's the fluid from the node removal that's hindering me. I under estimated how big this surgery was going to be. Mentally I'm there but physically I am not back to normal yet But trying to walk a bit further every day and I need to keep moving as sitting too long is uncomfortabl. They did look at doing my surgery in two part and I was told about 3 weeks for the node removal.

good luck 

Hi JSR :)

Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm glad your lymph nodes were all clear! Hopefully you'll start to feel better physically soon :) 

I think I'll probably just have to see how I feel after the op then rather than trying to guess how I'm going to feel before it's even been done!


Hi JSR :-)

I don't think anybody ever said that six weeks following a radical hysterectomy was going to be 'back to normal'. Six weeks is the period of time you have to treat yourself as carefully as wet tissue paper.

Be lucky :-)

Hi jennyyy

we are nearly in sync with this it seems! I had second lletz and lymph nodes together

for me lletz not clear so more surgery coming

however your question was about lymph and no other surgery so yes that's me. Laparoscopy 3 weeks ago. Today first bright day but still achy when lifting (have baby) If it were me I would either take the full six weeks or minimum four and a phased return. Can you wear loose clothes too would be a decider, was swollen at first 

Good luck with what you decide - oh and I only had two out for testing I think - which were clear, shame the lletz let me down but hopefully I'm not too far behind you on your steps to the all clear!  Best of luck 

Hi Lizzy,

I'm sorry that your LLETZ did not come back clear :( I hope that you'll get the all clear soon from your next op.

I didn't realise they only took a couple of nodes out. I thought they took loads! It must be hard for you looking after your baby and recovering at the same time but you must be so relieved that your nodes are clear. How long was it after the op when you got your results?

Do you drive and if so, are you able to drive again yet? 

Yes I can wear loose clothes. I could do a lot of my work online from home so I might ask if I can work from home because that wouldn't be too bad if I was working in bed in my pyjamas :)


Hi Jennyyy,

I havent had to have any lymh nodes removed but I did have to have surgery to move my ovaries (honestly, who knew this even existed?!) and that was done via a Laparoscopy. If the lymph node removal is done the same way then it does take a bit longer to recover than you think.

The main pain I had to start with wasn't from the site of the surgery (belly button plus 4 other incisions for me), it was more the pain in my shoulders from the air they use to do the surgery. No one prepared me for that but apparently it's totally normal and something called referred pain. That was really uncomfortable for a fair few days. I felt 'back to normal-ish' after a couple of weeks but wouldn't have wanted to travel anywhere to work, my commute is 1.5 hours so definitely couldn't have done that. In terms of mentally though, i was fine (or as fine as you can be waiting for the various appointments and results) so if I had had the opportunity to work from home I reckon i'd have been find to do that after 2.5 weeks and it would have been a welcome distration from the physical side of it. Definitely agree with the loose clothes - leggings became my new best friend

Hope that helps a bit, sorry if not. Good luck with the surgery and all the best with the continuation of position results. 

L x

Hi Lorna :)

Thank you for your reply. Yes, that does help. Yes, the lymph node removal is also going to be laparoscopic with 4 incisions.

How did your surgery to move your ovaries go? I've just been looking up about that op as I've seen that it could be an option if radiotherapy is needed.

It would be a good distraction to work soon after the op as it would reduce the time I spend sitting googling survival statistics etc!


Hi Jennyyy,

Glad I could help. Good luck with it all.

The ovary transposition has gone well so far, it was uncomfortable to start with as the 'tacks' (i'm sure there is a better medical term for that) they use to put them in their new home kept catching. It was a very odd sensation and meant I couldn't move around as much as I wanted as quickly as i'd have liked. That discomfort has now gone which is great. With the ovary transposition I was also given the medical menopause so the next success will be if my ovaries still work after all the treatment is over. Everything crossed but focus now is to get rid of the lump, then ovaries :-) If you do decide to have the operation and want to know anymore then don't hesiate to get in touch, happy to tell you more and keep you updated as it all develops. 

Stay Well xx

Thank you for the information about the ovary transposition Lorna. Do you know if that operation is offered to everybody who has to have radiotherapy or is it just certain hospitals that provide that operation?

I see from your other post that you started radiotherapy this week. I hope that that's not been too bad and hope it goes well for you :)

Hi Jennyyy

Sorry for late reply, been a off the radar for a few days this week after treatment. 

I don't know if the transposition is offered to everyone having radiotherapy, I guess it might depend on your hopsital/doctor/situation. It was all such a blur for me that i'm not even sure if I was offered it or whether it was just done. I was 6 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed and they had to terminate the pregnancy in order to start treatment (neither one of us would have survived the pregnancy) and so they knew how much we want to have a family after all this is over. The ovarian transposition will hopefully mean that we might still be able to use my eggs for surrogacy later down the line. 

Thank you for your best wishes, week one of treatment done - 5 to go! Will be thinking of you and if you have any other questions about the transposition, i'd be happy to help if i can xx

Hi Lorna,

Thank you for your reply. I hope your treatment has been going well.

I'm really sorry to hear about your pregnancy and I hope that your ovary operation has been successful.

Best of luck with the rest of your treatment.


Goodluck with your LN removal this week Jennyyy! virtual hugs and best wishes xx