Lymph node involvement

A warm hello to everyone using this site,

This is my first post, although I have used the site often for reference.

I was hoping for some postive feedback for those who have had lymph node involvement, particularly in the para aortic region.

My course of 4 wk chemoradiation with cisplatin followed by 3 x brachytherapy for the 1b2 tumour finished in July and my 3 month MRI scan hasn't shown up anything for concern on this occasion.

I feel like a ticking time bomb as there doesn't seem to be many stories of a non return of cancer when lymph node involvement has occurred. My Oncologist gave me a 70/30 in my favour but the surgeon who removed the lymph nodes was not as positive.

Also, does anyone know why an MRI scan is used rather than PET scan, as surely the PET is more accurate?

Any positives would help me relax for at least the next 3 months.

Hoping with thanks


Hi Julie,

I had positive lymph node involvement.I had a PET scan before treatment but only

MRI's since all showing no signs of cancer thankfully.I don't know why some people

get follow up PET's and some don't.I would be interested to know.

I am 10 months post treatment so hope that makes you feel abit more relaxed.

I'm sure if I needed a PET I would be given one.

It does get easier as time goes on :-)

Take care

Becky x

Hi Julie,

A warm welcome to you :)

I had stage 2b with lymph node involement in the para aortic region. I finished my treatment in August 2013 and so far have had 2  clear MRI scans, 1 clear Pet scan and 4 check up appointments. Before treatment I had a CT scan, an MRI and an EUA, after treatment I had an MRI and an EUA and 1 year post treatment I had a PET scan. I think each hospital is different iand each case is treated individually.

I am now 14 months post treatment and as Becky has said I have just strated to settle down and feel more relaxed.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Big hugs

Mandy xxx


Becky, thank you so much for responding. I was getting a little worried there for a minute, over 100 hits but no replies!

Positivity is a really important part of the battle and you've just given that back to me. 

Regarding the PET scan, I think the Onc. thought I'd had enough radioactivity for the moment, but I still note other forum users have had a PET as their first 3 mth follow-up scan. Suppose I need to just have some faith as the Onc. has got me this far. 

Pleased to know that you are doing so well after all you've been through. 

I'll keep you on my radar for sure.

Many thanks again,

Julie x


Hi Mandy,

Thank you also for replying. It really is so very helpful and kind of you to take the time to share your experience. 

The stats on some medical sites would make anyone just give up and I think I'm an optimist! I'm defo not looking anymore.

Did you get a lot of discomfort in your upper bowel area? I still have quite a bit of discomfort in the middle of my stomach between my belly button and pelivic bone but presume this is the healing process following the 4 (+3 brachy) weeks of Radiotherapy. I also feel quite bloated and stomach is more swollen than before.

Appreciate your kindness in reaching out with your experiences. I just can't get this advice from anyone, not straight up if you know what I mean. You get answers like everyone's different which they are but they don't give the positives either. Very important to get the positives.

You're a star.

Thank you

Julie xxx



Glad you feel abit better about everything today.Don't worry about the amount

of ladies that look at your post's and don't reply.Lots of ladies look through

for reference and reassurance.So,sometimes it takes awhile for you to get a reply.

Like Mandy say's shout out if you need to know anything else.

Hang in there ;-)

Becky x

Hey Julie,

I am so pleased you are feeling a bit more relaxed, this I am sure will increase with time.

I did indeed have the symptoms you describe, at times it was so uncomfortable, the symptoms did pass after about 8 months and I now feel back to normal (ish). During this time I avoided wheat, which helped a bit. I changed my wardrobe to leggings and long tops and dresses for comfort, my 18 year old daughter said "I rocked the look" lol. Can't understand why I squeezed myself into skinny jeans for all those years. The brachytherapy is hardcore so be gentle on yourself and allow your body time to heal.

My best piece of advice came from my boss who is a doctor (in medicine but not in cancer) he said when looking a statistics you need to see the whole picture, you have to allow for age, health at diagnosis, response to treatment etc etc. Once you have taken these elements into account you have a totally different statistical outcome. He doesn't say much but what he does say is awesome advice.

If you have any wobbles or need any advice please feel free to contact me on here or private message me, I will be as honest and open as I can. You may need to bear with me sometimes as I do not check this website as often as I should.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, lots of love.

Mandy xxx