Lymph node involved - no follow up scan?


i was stage 1b1 and had RH which then showed 2 lymph nodes were involved which were Removed. I then went onto have chemo, radio and brachy. 

I'm in Scotland, and in being told I don't get a scan. my question is is there anyone else out there who didn't get scanned following be this as I'm being told that my follow up is internal examinations only? 




That's really strange! I would push for better follow-up than that if I were you.

Be lucky :-)

I do plan to push for something further, I want to go prepared examples of ladies who were in same stage who got scanned. 


Yup, no scans here, just a poke on the tummy and an internal! I didn't even have brachy. In fact, I am almost a year since my op and have no follow-up unless I have symptoms. I freaked about this, but now feel they must be confident they got it all! Xxx

Helsweld did you have lymph nodes involved ? X 

No, had lvsi though and I was 1b2...

Right thanks ... I had to google what Lvsi was x 

Hey ladies, I was 1b1/1b2 had RH and then chemo/radio had scan post treatment then 6 months later which I had to push for and I'm glad I did as I then had recurrence. I'd Decpush for scans at least 6monthly just for peace of mind x


I live in Glasgow and attended the beatson for my treatment. My consultant doesn't do follow up scans unless you present with symptoms xxx

Hi.  I also stay in Scotland.   The north east to be more precise.   I was diagnoised with 2B2 andenocarcinoma.   I had 28 fractions of radiotherapy and 4 chemo (cisplatin) supposed to be 5 doses but i was allergic and drs advided me not to have last dose.   I had my last bracatherapy on 30th June 2015.   Had my first check up in August but still had some tumor left.   Had second check up in september, because of residual tumor, after an MRI scan (because i was suffering from pain in back and legs).   This showed I had 2 prolapsed disc at bottom of my back andonly a very small part of tumor was left by this time.   Back for check up in November and, thankfully, no sign of residual cancer.  Have check up in February and going to have a PET scan in March.   Consultant told me this was a normal scan they gave everyone at 9 months after end of treatment.   Perhaps you may get this scan in the near future.   Best to ask at your next check up appointment.

Best wishes.