Lymph node in groin, please help!!

Hi, I was diagnosed with squamous cell 1a1 back in December. I had 2 leeps and thankfully they worked. I've had 2 checks and a smear and they were ok too. 

a lymph node popped up in my groin January time, I've had 2 ultrasounds and they tell me it's normal. It really doesn't feel normal as there isn't one the other side. Should I push for a ct scan because it just won't go away. How can they be sure there's no cancer in it from an ultrasound? It's on my mind everyday and I'm making myself ill with worry. I had a c section 17 months ago too and the scar tissue is sometimes very tender. I just wish I knew what was going on..


They would need to do a biopsy of it to find out if there were cancer cells in it.

I understand your worry, I really do. If they say it's normal then they mustn't think its anything to worry about. 

You could always ask for a biopsy if you want to put your mind at rest?

Cara xxx


perhaps you could get in touch with consultant to see if you could have a scan just to put your mind at rest? 

I also had a c-section 2 years and 4 months ago and I still have a lot of tenderness from time to time on and around my scar.

hoor you can get some clear answers and put your mind at ease, good luck xx