LVSI and scared - not sure what to expect

Hi all. Recently diagnosed with what was originally thought to be microinvasive squamous cc and after cone biopsy showed invasive adenosquamous with peri-neural invasion and lvsi. Next is a modified radical hysterectomy with lymph node dissection. The oncologist also discussed the surgery where they only remove the cervix but bc my chances for fertility at my age is small she doesn’t think it’s the best option. She also advised I could opt for chemo/rads in lieu of surgery. I haven’t met with her face to face yet for more details so right now I’m in the limbo of having results without much context. As I’m sure many of you can relate my mind is in worst case scenario places. The lvsi has me so scared. I’m afraid the RH may reveal much more advanced cancer or multiple metastis. She didn’t discuss MRI or pet scans but I’ve seen some had those before which gave some insight. If anyone has advice, stories, or encouragement please share. I’m such a hot mess and just fearing that I’m terminal and just don’t know yet. I’ll include my biopsy results below. Thanks guys for being such a supportive and caring group!


Invasive mixed squamous cell and adenocarcinoma arising out of background HSIL

Stromal invasion of 4 mm, middle third of stroma

Positive for perineural invasion

Suspicious for lymphovascular invasion

All margins free of dysplasia or malignancy


Benign superficial endocervical glands and stroma

Additional immunohistochemical stains are performed with good controls in an attempt to identify the potential lymph vascular invasion. Lymphatic spaces with tumor are highlighted by podoplanin, while negative for CD31. This is consistent with lymphovascular invasion.