LVSI and recurrance of cc

Hi Ladies

Not sure if anyone can help me but i have returned home from my post op appointment a bit more worried than i was:((

I understood all cancer had been surgically removed and news was great my lymph nodes were clear. :)) So no further treatment required. I was so happy and ready to move on.......

Doc yesterday burst my bubble a wee bit  by telling me LVSI was present and whilst not good not to worry about it. (lymph vascular space invasion)

Came home and googled!!!

From what i can work out this increases the risk of recurrance and will mean radiotherapy after all if it does come back. Not sure if i can forget about this and move on now. I feel the neurotic demons of diagnosis returning and not sure how to keep this in perspective.

Has anyone else been in this position and how do you manage to move on??

Many thanks for listening



Hi Kath

I don't know much about LSVI and what it means.  Hopefully there'll be someone along soon who does.

In the meantime I wanted to give you a big hug ((())).  I can understand you will worry, regardless of whether the doc tells you not to!  Is it worth having a chat with your oncology nurse?  They may also be able to give you extra information, support and reassurance.

Take care

Kirsty x


Thanks Kirsty

Cyber hugs right back to you too xx

I notice from your signature you got all clear at your post op appt.I don't think my doc used that expression and not really sure now if thats what i am??

Ihope so as he said op was success and lymph nodes clear but my demons in my head are telling me he didn't say all clear or cured!!

LVSI is the blood capillaries to the lymph nodes showing abnormality. He said as lymph nodes clear not to worry!!!

I am otherwise feeling pretty good considering such a big operation but can't imagine getting back to work anytime soon as my head is shot at as much as my body this week

Probably hormones!! Decided not to take hrt until i work out what are post op symptoms and what is menopause,

Good luck in your recovery and best wishes for good health in the future

Kath xx

hi, You are all so brave and upbeat, I'm trawling through stories and crying , smiling, crying and hugs to all....If you can spare the time, I'm hving a hysterectomy early march and my fear, how I am going to look after my babies aged 1, 4 and 7 x Any feedback re recovery? how soon u could lift things? all the best to you xxx


Hi 3stars

Sorry you have had to join this site but rest assured you will get so much support and all the ladies are so helpful.

Do you know if your op is keyhole or open?

To be honest and i realise this is going to be a worry for you but you really need some help and support when you come out of hospital whichever way op is done as the simplest of tasks will be difficult for a little while and you will really need to concentrate on yourself. Do you have hubby. partner or friend to help?

Its surprising how willing people are to support and i found giving reponsibility of each task needing done  to a specific person worked best. I am not good at asking for help but i think it helped my family and friends cope as well as myself as they felt useful!

I had keyhole surgery and to be honest after 3 weeks i was feeling wellphysically  but unfortunaely had an infection and lymph fluid leakage problems which set me back a bit.I avoided lifting but tried to walk as much as i could. I am now 6 weeks post op and phsically doing fine.

I am driving, ironing cleaning etc just a bit slower really. Even done my own ironing today and my sister was a bit put out she wasn't needed!

Your family are much younger than mine ( they have been looking after me) but i hope youcan prepare and get the support even just for a couple of weeks with the info i have given you. Please bear in mind though everyone is different and will recover at different rates

Best of luck with the op and let me know if i can help further




Hi speak to your consultant but can you not get LSI when your lymph nodes swell trying to fight off infection or something else when your rand down and that's why they say not to worry until they have checked the actual lymph nodes, not sure on that though but check. If the dr can confirm that then you can relax a little. The dr won't give you the all clear until you are discharged. You are considered in remission just now and get the all clear after 5 years. I think we use the expression axxp clear after our appointments just as a way of saying no more treatment xx