Lumps seen with naked eye!

Hi All,

I am new to this page and have only just posted.

I have had abnormal bleeding with constant watery discharge. (No odor) and booked in to see the Dr. She did a smear and said my cervix looked 'lumpy' and bled on contact. Following the smear i bled really heavily. Also had bloods which came back low folate. I am really worried that because she could see lumps that i have advanced stage cancer and given my low folate as well. What were your symptoms and what stage were you diagnosed with? Any advice would be appreciated.

My previoys smear was normal in 2014

molar pregnancy 2005

Cervical erosion 2002

Hello. I had similar symptoms and on examination my cervix bled and the doctor could see something 'not right'. In my case it did turn out to be cancer, although still early stage and a small tumour. I've since had chemorads and they seem to have done the trick. So, even if it is cancer it is likely to be early (particularly after clear smears), and it will certainly be treatable. The info seems to suggest that any symptoms point to advanced stages - but that really doesn't seem to be the case.

The symptoms can just as easily (probably more likely) be non cancerous though. I was initially told polyps were likely, or fibroids. Remember, asking the question on this forum will get you people with experience of cc, there will be loads of people with your symptoms 'out there' who didnt go on to a cancer diagnosis. 

Good luck.

Anne x

Hi Anne,

Thank you for yoyr reply. I am worried in case i have the rare form of cervical cancer that goes undeceted due to the cells being higher up the canal. I hate the waiting.