Lumps on cervix

Hi, I am so scared I am 40 & have been experiencing pain during sex, pelvic pain and dizziness. during self examination I found 2 lumps on my cervix. The dr did an examination and said that they were like blisters. She said she was doing an urgent referral, that was on Thursday evening, on Friday morning the hospital rung asking me to attend an appointment on Monday (tomorrow) for a scan. I know I won't get the results tomorrow as I still need to be booked into see consultant but I am so scared & don't really know what tomorrow will entail. I know I should think positive but can't help thinking the worse because of the internal pain I am experiencing. My last smear test in 2011 was fine & due another one soon. any words of advice?


Hi I have no experience to help advise u but just wondered how u got on today?