Lumps found in cervix doctors unsure

Hi my sister had a pap smear test a couple of weeks ago and it came back with abnormal results.

We went to a gynecologist and he said that what they had thought abnormal was actually a really healthy cervix however there was a lump that needed to be checked out.


My sister was called this morning saying she needed to be seen straight away. I'm so worried has anyone else had something like this?

Sara T


Update: she was told they don't know if its cancerous or non cancerous. She is being seen by another doctoe next week. 

I'm going out of my mind with worry can anyone shed light on this


Update: sister told me everything. She had a biopsy at the doctors who basically said we can't tell what stage this is at because a 

Biopsy doesn't go deep enough and she'll need to have a CT scan in a couple

Of days.

It could be pre cancerous or cancerous or maybe nothing. Best case scenario she has the lump removed in a day surgery and worst she has a hysterectomy.  If anyone could tell me something about their experience that would help a lot. 

Hi Sara,

Until such time as the results of the biopsy come back, none of us can tell you anything. But, and I want to to take good cheer from this; The doctor who has seen her is unsure whether it is cancerous, pre-cancerous, or nothing at all. If it were big and bad and evil the doctor would know it, so, even if it does turn out to be something nasty it doesn't sound like it's very big and nasty, in which case it should be quite easy to get rid of.

Try to keep positive for you and your sister's sake, and let us know what happens when the biopsy results come back.

Be lucky


Hi Tivoli,

This is Camilla, saras sister. We are worried but yes, its good the doctors

Are not alarmed and making urgent appointments. Thanks for your re assuring message.