Possibly tmi - sorry

Diagnosed 2b on 29.04.19 started daily rads and once a week chemo on 03.06.2019 so just started week 4. Vagina started to hurt a couple days ago, like it felt really tight. Urine test on thirsday - no infection. They gave me some gel and some anesthetic cream which I have used all day but it has not touched it - it also hurts when I pee. There is a little spotting when i pee.

I just stood over a mirror to have a look and there is a giant lump at the entrance of my vagina - blocking it. It looks like someone has stuffed a Turkey neck up there. The lump is purply and hard and looks as sore as it feels. It's about 8cms long and 3cms wide ... its huge ... any ideas? 


when I was about week 4/5 into treatment I had problems passing urine hurt like hell and blood spots on the paper every time I wiped. No sign of infection when tested so they said it was just a result of the radiotherapy and to drink more water. It did fade after a couple of weeks 

Can’t help on the lump tho love but I would definitely get it checked out. Hope it’s all ok.

Marie x

Could it be a bartholin cyst? They are usually around the entrance to the vagina and can become really painful if infected x